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    Here again is the letter I sent to Ford Credit, the response I got from Ford, then my response back and then their response to me. Notice that my respondent went from being an Executive to being an Executive assistant at the slightest mention of a lawsuit.

    At least this gives me the idea that their law firm is authorized to offer deletion.

    Warning. This is long.

    June 19, 2001

    Phillippe Paillart, CEO
    Ford Motor Credit Company
    P.O.Box 1899
    Dearborn , MI 48121



    Dear Mr. Paillart,

    Please help me with this problem I've been having with your company. I feel I've exhausted all other avenues open to me other than filing suit. I honestly do not want the matter I'm about to describe to you to end up in court, with either your company or myself as the plaintiff.

    In 1996 I financed a Ford Probe with Ford Motor Credit. In 1998 my wife was involved in a serious accident while driving this car. The car was a total loss, and my insurance company ended up paying a sum of money to Ford Motor Credit. The accident occurred in September, 1998. My insurance company advised me they would be paying off the loan, so in order to use my available funds to purchase a replacement car, I stopped making payments on my existing loan.

    From November 1998 through March 2001 I heard nothing from Ford Motor Credit. In March, 2001 I received a letter from the law office of Friedman & Patenaude demanding I pay Ford $2,029.11. The very next day I wrote to this law office asking why Ford had never contacted me, and asking them to provide an accounting of how Ford Motor Credit arrived at the amount due. I did not refuse to pay, I just wanted to know what I was paying.

    On the same week, I requested copies of my credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies. I was shocked to see that Ford Motor Credit is listing my account as a repossession with a balance due of $8,540.

    Stop for a moment and think about this. I have lived at the same address with the same phone number and have been employed at the same place since the accident in 1998. Ford Motor Credit never informed me that there was a balance due on my loan. Please also consider that the law firm Ford Motor Credit retained is asking for payment of $2,029.11 not $8,540. Add to this the fact that the car was totaled in an accident, not repossessed and you can see why I'm so upset.

    The law firm never responded to my request for a detailed report of my account. Instead they sent me an offer to settle for an undisclosed amount, saying I'd have to call them on the telephone to discuss the account. I'd be happy to settle and pay whatever I need to pay in this matter. I wrote the law firm asking them to give me the details of their settlement offer in writing. I wanted to keep our exchanges in writing, because I feel there have been some terrible inaccuracies in the way this account has been handled. I also advised them that as part of any settlement, I would want the false notation of a repossession on my credit reports deleted.

    This correspondence was exchanged several weeks ago and I still have received no reply. I have also written to the local office of Ford Motor Credit in San Diego asking them to please delete the false information in my credit reports. Although they have signed for my certified letters, I have received no answer from their office.

    I feel at this time I have no recourse but to file suit on the basis that Ford Motor Credit has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by knowingly reporting false information to the credit reporting agencies. I really do not want to go through the time and expense to do this but I don't know how else to proceed to get Ford Motor Credit's attention.

    I am asking that your office please help me with this matter. My account number is XXXXXXXX. What I ask is that Ford Motor Credit provide me with a detailed accounting of the activity on my account so I may pay what I owe. I also want Ford Motor Credit to delete their entries from my personal credit reports with all three agencies.

    I don't understand why my written correspondence to both the San Diego office of Ford Motor Credit and to the law office of Friedman & Patenaude is being ignored. I will be happy to provide copies of all correspondence I've sent in this matter since March, along with the return receipts from the certified mailings.

    Please help me straighten out this matter as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your time.



    Dear Mr. DaveLV:

    I am writing in response to your e-mail addressed to Phillippe Paillart,
    former CEO --Ford Credit, which was forwarded to me for review and
    reply. In it, you request assistance in resolving inquiries you have
    made regarding your account.

    I apologize for any frustration you have experienced in attempting to
    resolve this matter. In reviewing your concerns, I found, as you
    mentioned, the file has been referred to Friedman & Patenaud. I regret
    there is no other information we can provide as Ford Credit no longer
    administers the file. Please contact Friedman & Patenaud at
    312-9xxx-xxxx as they are the appropriate entity to address your

    I am sorry our office could not be of further assistance but thank you
    for providing the opportunity to review this issue.


    M. B. Curry


    Mr. Curry,

    I don't mind dealing with the law firm to arrange payment. However, it
    is not the law firm that is reporting the inaccurate information to the
    credit reporting agencies, it is Ford Motor Credit. I don't believe that
    the law firm has any standing to have the information removed, only
    Ford Motor Credit can do this.

    Knowingly reporting inaccurate information to a consumer credit
    agency is against the law. If you fail to correct the information, you as
    an executive with Ford Motor Credit are now party to this violation of
    the law and will be personally named if I am forced to file suit.

    Please -- I'm really not trying to be difficult about this. Ford is reporting
    inaccurate information, only Ford can correct the problem, no matter
    who has the file.

    If you can provide me with some sort of documentation from Ford that
    says the law firm of Friedman & Patenaude is authorized to correct
    Ford Credit's inaccurate entry on my credit reports I will gladly drop
    the matter with Ford and proceed to deal exclusively with Friedman &

    Please assist me with this.



    Dear Mr. DaveLV:

    Thank you for your reply. Friedman and Patenaud are representing Ford
    Credit, thus, they are empowered to address any issues for you. In doing
    so, they may contact Ford Credit
    on your behalf to assist in resolving your concerns. Again, please
    forward the matter described in your initial correspondence to the
    above-mentioned firm. I regret there is no other information I can

    Thank you for your time.


    M. B. Curry
    Executive Assistant
    Ford Credit
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    That is so screwed up. They did this to my roomate too. She bought a truck, rolled it after making one payment, sent the insurance check to Ford and she owes them $2040 that the insurance didn't cover. I pulled her credit report last month and there's an entry from Ford that says she owes $14,000. What the hell? A local law firm filed suit and now she has a judgement against her for $3000. That is also on her credit report. I don't understand how they can do that after she sent Ford the check, the $14,000 entry.

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