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  1. Greatlife

    Greatlife Member

    I need help immediately on how to remove a foreclosure
  2. jjgross

    jjgross Well-Known Member

    Need more info what'w the rest of your credit like and the cause of the repair has it'e own speed.
  3. oldmarine8

    oldmarine8 Member

    Has anyone had success in removing foreclosures from your credit report? If so, please let me know how you accomplished this, as I have a foreclosure that was the result of a screwed up investment.
  4. NightStar

    NightStar Well-Known Member

    Try to dispute off the address of the foreclosed home.

    If there is a name change since the foreclosure try to get the old name off of the credit report.

    Then try a not mine dispute, not guarantee though. I have a foreclosure on my credit report and I have not disputed it off yet myself. But I intend to dispute off address and old name when I do get around to disputing.
  5. magma

    magma Banned

    Most in the same situation are renting until they build their credit back up and get past the situation, on a foreclosure you need to be at least 3 years past it with payments made to all tradelines of credit on time during those 3 is obtaining a new " mortgage loan" that would be considered fraudulent.

    You can hire an attorney...National Association of Consumer Advocates ââ?¬â?? Consumer Protection Advocates and Attorneys or try a non profit to help with the modification like HOPE at 1-888-995-HOPE.

    If you are going through the modification process with Chase, they are modifying most of their loans as long as you can show that you can afford the modification going forward........

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