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    Thanks! Found your post surfing Can't believe that we are not notified that *67 does not always work when the call goes through. Or was it in the very fine print? Anyway thought other newbies like me would appreciate the info below :)
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    When I was a teenager, they didn't have caller ID yet, LOL.

    Here's a tip to build on the previous one: *67 Privacy Block won't shield consumers from CAs who use most commercial toll-free 800 numbers as well as many toll numbers, because those accounts use something called ANI ("Automatic Number Identification") rather than regular consumer Caller ID. So be careful -- *67 provides false security. Good rule of thumb: as breeze said, don't any collection agency from home if you don't want them to verify your number. Another rule of thumb: consider dealing with them only by letter.

    By the way, here's a science experiment:
    Step 1: Pick up the phone, dial *67, and listen for the second dial tone.
    Step 2: Dial 1-800-555-1180 (don't worry, you're safe).
    Step 3: The robot will rattle through a bunch of numbers. Listen to the last number he says ("the annie is..."). Voila they didn't have much trouble busting through your *67 Privacy Block!
    Step 4: If you're a glutton for punishment, repeat the whole process with the number 800-964-0176, or 800-444-3333, or 800-314-4258 (menus press 1, and then 1 again).

    Commercial 800 numbers from the major telecom companies often bundle ANI at no additional charge. Commercial toll numbers (i.e., not toll-free) can buy ANI for a fee. Regular consumer telephone accounts are ineligible for ANI and are restricted to the lamer consumer Caller ID product we all know and love so well.

    Hope this prevents someone from getting nabbed!


    plus just found this, too:

    62 or 00 is the service type identification.

    00 for landline
    62 for cell phone
    xx for prison
    yy for hospital

    I don't know what the xx and yy are for real but I know they exist.

    you get the picture...

    I'm impressed Doc, were did you pick up so much telco knowledge?

    oh, the actual service you are describing is called 'feature group D' although not many people know that.

    If you really want to get around ANI then get yourself a couple (dozen) of those $5 phone cards at the local gas station (get different brands) and use those to call.

    By the way, a company doesn't have to use a toll free number to get ANI or FGD trunks, in fact, most toll free numbers just route to a local # anyway unless the company has a DAL group (Dedicated Access Line/Long Distance Traffic only).
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    ~~~Thanks folks! Very enlightneing. You might know more than the lawyers (actually wonder if any members of the boards are credit help lawyers, LOL)

    resource: Who Pulled My Credit?... <-·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`*

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    What if you dial on a PHONE CARD...some 800# their location should be where the call ORIGINATES...ISN'T IT???
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    Yes, when I called the Experian number I called direct. I went out and got a phone card when I saw the phone block did not work. The card would not work with the 800 numbers (some numbers were disconnected on that list, too). But when I called the sister company I used the card. Still do not think it is right for them to track calls. Bet they have a block that works when they need it. Do they (phone co.) charge us for *67? Will check the next bill. Can't recall.
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    *67, no charge to local phone.

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