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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Citibank R, Sep 1, 2000.

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    Has anybody here had any calls recently where a person has called you stating they where from mastercard? Somebody has been calling allot of people lately saying they where from mastercard and either telling people they needed their account number and exp date to update their records or That they need to put a mandatory fraud protection service on their account (costing hundreds of dollars) or they would close their account. Most of the credit card comapnies have noticed these people have been calling there customers very frequently for the last couple of weeks and are trying to build a case against them. If you do receive a call like this please get there name and phone number (especially if you have caller ID) and call your credit card comapnies to tell them about it. This a scam that has affected allot of people and we want to get it stopped as soon as possible.
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    Welcome Back

    Long time no see...

    As a matter of fact I got a call from this scam awhile ago. I got their number on my caller ID, and have not done anything with it yet.

    They were after my VISA account numbers. Said my credit card protection company had changed and they were my new providers. I had just seen a news expose about them, and played along with them to hear their spiel. I then told the poor soul, to expect a call from the Texas AG. I just haven't persued it.

    Any suggestions?

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    RE: Welcome Back

    It's not just happening with Citibank it's happening with Chase Bank also. They claim to be a Chase rep and need to id the last four digits of the account number and the expiration date in order to give them fraud protection that costs almost $300.00. Everyone should keep on their toes with this one.
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    RE: Welcome Back

    Why don't you post the phone number right here on the BBS? Then a bunch of people can call them direcly and ask about it.
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    Do the callers seem to know that the target has a card with a specific bank?

    Or do they seem to be just calling randomly, with a vague, "We are from Visa/MasterCard," without having any information on the recipient?

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    Actually there are two scams out there right now. The one I was talking about is a new one. It seems to have just started about a month ago. I must get at least 1 call a day about it. they seem to just be calling people randomly. They don't seem to know what bank the target is with. From what the customers I've spoken to have told me they have the customers names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers. Then they call the customers saying they are from Visa/Mastercard and either need to update their records with the customers credit card number, social security number, mothers maiden name, and exp date. Or they call saying the Customer needs to enroll in a fraud protection service and they need that info to process the enrollment. They even called one person (a very sweet and kind old lady) and told her that if she didnt enroll in the service they would close the account.

    The second one has actually been around for quite awhile. People will call saying they are calling on behalf of a major credit card company. There are three ways I know of that this can happen. The first example is that if you just randomly go through the phone and pick out phone numbers there is one chance in seven that you will call a citibank customer. Second, people do steal statement and reciepts out of the garbage. If they can't steal your personal info after getting youre statement they will call you and try to get it so that they can not only steal your account number and expiration date but also try to takeover your account and set up new accounts in your name. Last there are actually fraud rings operating some stores through dishonest store employees they can attach machines to the register and record everything off the magnetic strip of your card. The only things that arent on their are your address, social security number and mothers maiden name. So they will call you and try to get that so they can takeover your account.
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    Please call youre credit card company and give them all the information you have. Your
    credit card company is probably compiling all the information about them to investigate them just as Citibank is. You also might want to call Visa International at 1800VISA 911 just to let them know about it. They might also be investigating them although I don't know. Usually when people ask them for there phone number they give a fake one. So that phone number on your caller ID is information your credit card comapny will really appreciate. With that they may be able to trace it and find out who these people really are.
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    Sounds like something CCB would do especially
    at this time with all the suits against them.
    LOL!! just a wicked thought on my part.

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