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    US Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms
    (CFCCT) is a grassroots,
    consumer credit service organization that was founded in
    August 1998 (and went online the same month) in Little
    Rock, Arkansas, in response to a growing national backlash
    against credit card debt. Arkansas is nationally known for
    its interest in credit issues that are important to
    consumers. Arkansas' unique usury laws, which place
    restrictions on the interest rates that Arkansas banks can
    charge for credit cards, loans, etc., are a prime example
    of the state's commitment to consumers.

    CFCCT "fights" credit card debt by finding the most
    attractive cards in the country and disclosing this
    information to the public. Such disclosures help consumers
    lower their credit card debt and also encourage stronger
    competition among banks. Another role of CFCCT is to
    highlight credit cards that are consumer friendly in terms
    of rebates / perks. Since its founding, CFCCT has quickly
    become the most popular independent consumer credit
    organization devoted to credit cards on the entire world
    wide web according to the web site tracking company the
    World 1000. To find out about awards we have won, please
    visit our Awards page.

    CFCCT is an independent source of consumer information and
    is not affiliated with any bank, credit card, or
    government interest. CFCCT does not charge consumers for
    its service. Instead, the organization relies on site
    sponsors for financial support. CFCCT is currently seeking
    to be recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization.
    Information provided by CFCCT is intended for consumer use

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