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    I've just added a new feature to my site for Creditwrench subscribers.

    Free software!

    It's all public domain that I have discovered, but it's really powerful stuff for the most part.

    One program uncovers the hidden costs and slimy tricks the credit card companies use to beat us out of money and tells how to avoid their traps.

    Another tells you how to manage your creditlines so as to arrive at the point of being able to get low interest mortgage rates at the earliest possible moment.

    Another one allows you to store your credit card information to assist in monthly account reconciliation, or track spending habits or account history.

    another program Designed to create a credit card registry which can store various pieces of important data: company name, address, telephone numbers, card and PIN numbers, etc.

    Still another program Verifies credit card numbers by checking that the corresponding number of digits have been provided. Checksums the card number to varify structure. Supported by VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Novus.

    A spreadsheet program for managing credit card accounts using the same methods as financial institutions. Keeps track of important data: average daily balance, minimum payments, debits, credits, etc.

    Assists in monitoring credit card expenses and in earning more on rebates. Warns you when you've reached your maximum rebate on any given credit card so you can switch to a different card. WinCharging received a 4-Star rating from Ziff-Davis, ad was named runner-up in the 1995 Shareware Awards contest.

    All of these programs are freebies because they have been placed in the public domain by their authors. No, I didn't write them, I just found them and so I'm giving them away to my subscribers free for the download.

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