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    Here is some know Credit Facts (note these apply to the United States only...)

    -- A Bad Credit Rating is a problem that will not vanish on it's own. It can stop you
    from obtaining required things within our society (I.E. car, home, credit cards,
    rent a car, make travel arrangements, book a hotel, obtain loans, personal or otherwise).

    -- 5 out of 10 American's possess a poor credit rating. 4 out of these 5 are in the
    low income bracket.

    --According to recent Consumer Reports, 48% of all credit reports contain many

    --You can remove unverified bankruptcies, foreclosure, judgments, charge-offs,
    repossessions, tax liens and late payments with a simple letter or phone call.

    --Unless the credit reporting agencies prove the claims that appear on your credit report,
    they must remove the negative mark(s) promptly.

    --A simple phone call or letter to your verified debts may allow you to reduce your debt
    by 50%.

    --Most Debt-Consolidation programs actually stop you from obtaining a better credit score.

    --Come check out the Complete Credit Solution and I will show you:

    (1) How to re-build a new credit file regardless of your previous credit history.

    (2) How to cut your existing debt in half. Or how about a $10,000 credit line in a matter of weeks.

    (3) How to continue building your current credit to excellent status. How about a record of 10 bank loans all paid before they were due?

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