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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by pat, Sep 23, 2000.

  1. pat

    pat Guest

    which card gives you frequent flier miles on any purchases that u make
  2. AMEX  rep

    AMEX rep Guest

    That is a broad question--try AMEX Delta Skymiles or Citibank World Advantage MC
  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    AMEX Rewards Program can also give you points for miles in many different Freq. Flier Programmes.
  4. FDR Sucks

    FDR Sucks Guest

    Freq. flyer programs are a dime a dozen. You'll have to find a big list of all of em (they exist) and decide for yourself which is best. The Skymiles Gold is okay just for the 10K bonus miles. Membership Rewards is okay, but sometimes poor people like me can't pay balances off in full. Personally, I like Capital One's MilesOne Card ... *low* fixed rate and *low* annual fee if you qualify. They'll raise your rate if you're late with any other creditors regardless of your payments to Capital One... but thats easy to avoid if ya just pay your bills.

    FDR (not the president) Sucks.
  5. just me

    just me Guest

    Bank of America US Airways VISA gives you 1 mile for every dollar spent, plus 5,000 miles when you get the card. It also rewards you for flyiong on partner airlines and for staying at certain hotels (Marriott, Hyatt, etc)

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