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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by greyfox, Feb 14, 2001.

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    I have had a secured DMB MC for over a year, and since Providian has been so satisfactory to work with, I tried to get a credit line increase without additional deposit from DMB. My account history was excellent. I spoke to a customer rep, to no avail, and the next month called the retention dept., again with no result.

    Well, I had seen planetfeedback on this board, so on Feb. 8, registered a complaint with them, and amazingly, when I check my DMB account this morning, (2/14) my credit line had been increased by 50%!

    This helps, because this was the only card that was carrying over a 30% balance, and is my oldest credit line.

    So, if you are having problems with DMB, I suggest planetfeedback! And a thank you to the people on this board...your advice has been invaluable!
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    RE: Frustrated with Direct Mer

    Thanks a bunch for your post. I was thinking of doing the same thing, as I also have a perfect history and they refuse to budge. Except I was thinking I needed to lower my balance a little before I complained. Glad you got results!!!! Way to go!


    P.S.--Would you mind sharing your complaint? Is it posted on the site?
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    RE: Frustrated with Direct Mer

    I thought I was the only one that had this card. I called them to ask them a question in December. The first account representative was really helpful and she transfered me to another person with the intent of getting my interest rate lowered or getting me a grace period. Didn't happen of course. I also have had a perfect history with DMB. They messed up big time once by trying to cash a clearly marked $170 for $1700. I don't even have $1700 on the card. I was forced to speak to collections and I spoke to a really rude supervisor that said that my handwritten numbers on the check weren't intelligible. However clear as day the words to the left said $170! They did call my bank and paid the NSF fee. Would you believe this happened on my second statement. Wow that Planetfeedback is great. After I get all my reports back. I'm going full assualt with planet feedback!
  4. greyfox

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    RE: Frustrated with Direct Mer

    It is posted in the shared letters. BTW my balance was pretty much maxed out.

    "I hope you are able to help me with a problem I've encountered with Direct Merchants Bank. The problem concerns the policies at your bank, and as a result of this I am frustrated and annoyed.

    I have had Direct Merchants Master Card for over a year,and my record with them has been excellent, but Direct Merchants steadfastly refuses to raise my credit limit from the original $500 without an additional security deposit.

    I have had an unsecured Providian Visa for 10 months, and my credit limit has gone from blank to blank, because of the same excellent payment record, with a decrease in the interest rate.

    Providian also issued me an unsecured Master Card with an original credit limit of blank AND decreased my interest rate before I had the card 120 days.

    In the future I will likely take my business to other banks, and I will probably urge others to avoid banking with you.

    Here's the resolution I propose: I think Direct Merchants is missing a bet by not encouraging the retention of good customers by 1: Raising the credit limit, 2: After a year of excellent payment record, returning the security deposit, and 3: Allowing the upgrade to one of the better unsecured cards without compelling the customer to pay off the original card first. I would like to keep this account with Direct Merchants because it is over a year old, but I am disappointed with their policies.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I look forward to your prompt reply."

    I think that the mention of the good service by Providian may have been instrumental in getting DMB to budge. Providian's increases have made DMB look pretty stingy ;-)
  5. Greg

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    Great Letter!

  6. CCMax

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    RE: Great Letter!

    Ditto. I did look it up on planetfeedback. Sent mine in this afternoon. We'll see what happens. Thanks again.

  7. greyfox

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    RE: Great Letter!

    Thank you.

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