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  1. Kittw1

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    I cannot get anything. I am so tired. I give up. I have been away from the board for a while planning a reunion. I am back. I have 3 negs and 3 pos on EX, TU I don't know what is on there since they are so dag gone slow. And EQ - they just suck. They willnot take anything off. I tried Target and Radio Shack. I was declined for them both. I got desperate and tried Marin (they want $200 bucks - of course charged to the card). Even the crooks of FREEDOM CARD - QUEEN LATIFAH'S BANK (what a farce) declined me. And everybody speaks broken english. It is very hard to understand the CSRs. I am wasting inquiries. I was going to a local jewelry store here, but I could not find my license. MUST HAVE BEEN GOD telling me no and not today lady! Well, it's nice to know that everybody is having better luck than me. I guess I will try for the house in December. Then everybody and their momma will want to give me a card. I will tell them "Keep your stinkin' card!"
  2. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    (((((((Kitt)))))) take a deep breath...
  3. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    How many? Will I ever get this credit thing right?
  4. Terry

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    I agree with Breeze, take a deep breath. Rehabilitating your credit isn't easy. They're many highs and lows. Hang in there. All of us have been there before. Take a deep breath, order all of your reports see what they say and start from there.
  5. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Patience grashopper.... It takes most people at least a year to correct errors... and not with one round of investigations, but don't give up.

    I recommend not "testing" your credit by applying for new accounts.... Many people say that not to apply for anything until you're clean... I think you can have a ding, but not a dent... If you want to know what kind of results you're having- a progress bar- signup for "30 days" of free credit monitoring...

    Keep at it... It will happen... Not overnight... Not as soon as you wish.... But it will happen!

  6. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for the support. I will wait patiently. I think the "dent" that is really hurting me is EQ. Because I am geograhically tied to them, they are the real thorn in my side. Time heals everything. I know. I just want one little piece of plastic. I don't even want to really use the thing. Just to have it. WAAWAAWAAWAA!
  7. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    So who is the Equifax affiliate in your area?

    Equifax has regional offices all over the place and each one of them puts out their own credit report. When you do a dispute with Equifax, they send your dispute to the regional office who does the actual dispute investigation and reports it's findings back to Equifax rather than Equifax itself doing it's own investigation. That's why Equifax can end up being so tough.

    But if you dispute with both of them at the same time, you effectively put a hitch in the Equifax git-along somehow and you get more deletions than you would get otherwise. So when you are dealing with Equifax, deal with the regional affiliate at the same time and you will get much better results.

    The other two biggies have their regional affiliates too, but they just don't seem to operate the same way that Equifax does.

    I really don't seriously dispute with the CRAs in the first place. I do, but I don't care what the results are, I win either way. If it don't get deleted, it gets verified and that's fine too. I don't care if it gets deleted or not either. If it does, that's fine too, but I'm not going to stop there because I really have not gained anything just because it got deleted.

    After all, the debt is still owed and it can come back later once the collection agency or the creditor re-verifies it or makes a new report on the matter and then you have to go try to get it deleted again. And on top of that, the creditor or the collection agency can still come back and sue you and then you have an even bigger mess to fight.

    So even if it gets deleted, I just keep right on going after the creditor and his 3rd party collector as though nothing had happened. Got deleted? So what? Big freakin deal. I want that debt gone once and for all, never to return again to bother us. And the game isn't over until I got the creditor and his 3rd party collector both on their knees begging for forgiveness. That way they aren't ever going to come back with no more cute games.

    I got a lady in Oregon who got sued and when she started fighting them they gave up and dismissed the suit without prejudice. Big deal. All that means is that they couldn't come up with the proof and they knew it. So they dismissed the suit until they can come up with the proof if they ever do. So I told her not to get too happy yet. Go after them and file suit against them now and get rid of the deal once and for all. After all, if they couldn't prove the puddin in court then they must have filed a false and frivolous lawsuit on her. And by dismissing, they can still keep their hickey on her credit report. So when they dismissed, she gained absolutely nothing at all.

    And they are in for the surprise of their life when she sues them now.

    She will win easily and she will hang them out to dry.

    Just because you got a deletion off your credit report don't mean nothing until you get rid of the debt itself and maybe got a neat cash settlement out of them on top of that. When you do that, then and only then can you claim a real victory.

    We are winning the "war" even against the IRS. We have found out how to make your boss quit taking out income tax on you and not have to fight with him about it either. Up until just recently, if you tried to get out of having it taken out of your paycheck, the boss got all upset unless you filed a W-4 stating that you didn't owe any taxes last year and you don't expect to owe any next year either. That was a tenious argument at best to start off with although it worked well. Now we have an even better mouse trap and we have used it successfully with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Southwestern Bell and some little company down in Florida. We have more such tests with major national companies in the works now and will soon have the results from those. Given a few more big national corporation employees putting a stop to withholding taxes and their managements blinking real hard and asking hard questions of the IRS and getting back answers we want to hear, the strategy will take off like wildfire. The big companies don't like withholding any better than we do, they just don't have any choices at this time. Give them a choice that's proveable and viable and they will most likely take it for the simple reason that all the bookkeeping and reporting raises their costs of operation almost beyond human comprehension.

    And just because I talk about it, don't get the idea that I am the one doing all of that because I'm not. I just know and associate with those who do, and that's the only way I can say "we".
    I help as much as I can, but that isn't much. It's being done by people from all over the nation. We have another big national conference coming up Nov. 15th-17th on the tax and credit issues and I'll be attending that. Researchers from all over the nation will be coming together to teach the newest techniques.
  8. keltexx

    keltexx Well-Known Member

    Hang in there Kit-take some solace in knowing that I took a chance recently w/ target, and they pulled my worst report (EXP)-so I am expecting a big fat denial...but this has given me new motivation to fight an incorrect late listing on a transferred account on my report that is listed as 30 days late-I am sure this is messing w/my score (EXP is about 55-90 points lower than the other two)...Never mind that the account is 0 balance.

    So, stay focused and determined. Keep on disputing. Do a few at a time. Word your letters so that they aren't total attorney-speak-and remember, they want you to get frustrated so that they don't actually have to prove that accounts are incorrect, that you owe this debt, etc. I have taken this seriously for about a year now-and things have been slow moving at times...stay with it!
  9. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    Hang in there. It has been a year now since I first starting working on my reports. I was in the low 500s or worse with over a dozen derogs on each report. I started with a secured DMB card on 1/2000, and now I have a $12,500 limit with Citibank alone. I am down to 2 lates on EXP, 4 lates on EFX, and one late on TU. I am now in the mid 600s and still working on my credit scores. I started with Junum for about 4 months and then began working on my own. Read FCRA, FDCPA, this board, and remember it is knowledge and persistence that will pay off in the long run. It takes time so don't give up, AND PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL :)

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