Frustration with Trans Union!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Terry, Jun 7, 2001.

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    Ok, My last round of disputes were sent from junum. Items in dispute:

    Judgement from my defaulted direct student loan through the University I attended.
    3 30 day lates from Richland State Bank.
    3 30 day lates from United Credit National Bank.
    Chargeoff from Capitol one that occured in 1995.
    2 Inquiries from Kaufmanns.

    Judgement from defaulted loan show paid. I went though the Rehabilitation Loan Program. I made payments for one year and all information on my credit reports should be updated. The judgement should have been removed completely, and the tradelines from the University should show paid never late. I sent them the infomation the University sent me stating I went through the rehabilitation program and my credit reports should be amended! It should be removed!

    I had the ACE Visa. I know all the problems people had with them. Honestly, I had no problems at all. I know they are not defunct. They are no longer in business so how could they verify this? And to boot the tradeline says supressed pending provider update. So it is supressed and no one can see it anyway. The lying bastards claimed they verified this tradeline but didn't. I know they didn't.

    When I first received my ACE visa card it was underwritten by Richland State Bank. So, I have two tradelines with the exact same information. They claim they verified the information. I know they didn't.

    there were 2 inquiries listed from Kaufmans, 2 months apart. I had an account that was charged off in '92. The tradeline came off my report in 1999 like it was supposed too. They sent me an offer that if I pay the old balance they would give me a new credit card with the charge off amount as my credit line. I never responded as I didn't want to reage this account. I received the standard. Inquiries for permissable purpose needs to be addressed with the creditor.

    I am so pissed I can't see strait.

    I am sending them a certified letter tomorrow demanding the methods they used to verify this information, Including the phone number, persons name, and address. I want to see if they provide me what I ask for or ignore my request.
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    Based on past experiences, I'd be willing to bet that you will be madder than ever when you get their reply. Hope I turn out to be wrong,

    The CRAs all seem to have a full set of ways to introduce total and complete obfuscation, but little or no honest answers. If you get lucky they might give you the name and data on that outfit in Buffalo N.Y. they use to do lots of their verifications. Then they feed you that and hope you are dumb enough to fall for it. Seems like they want to protect the source of their information to the greatest extent possible.

    There are some ways around that off the wall and out to lunch junk they put out, but it does take a bit of ingenuity to get the job done.

    Lots of Luck.

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