ftc is a joke

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by molly, Apr 26, 2001.

  1. molly

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    i wrote to them about my situation and they forwarded me a lame explanation and attached the fcra and a q and a attachment. so lame
  2. VJ

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    It just reinforces my beliefs that the level of frustration w/ftc and CRAs and fico is beyond comprehension.Sometimes when you can't after 3 or 4 requests with proof, get wrong info corrected, I wonder, and I mean no disrespect, if the FTC needs a new mission statement,reminding them who they are suppose to protect, the 200 million ++ people or
    3 CRAs and a glorified software company.
    See Quote below from Bayhouse;

    Throw in the FTC who in their yearly reports to congress says consumer complaints have risen,alot,we send them out a nice flyer that cost about two cents but we truly feel the best way to lower complaints is to educate our industry with seminars and luncheons(in a far away state?)And the FTC doesn't see a want or need to expand their budget. Fastforward... And our next guestspeaker at the luncheon is...the president of one of the CRAs, calling everyone at the FTC table by their first names in his speech about the importance of less regulation of the industry.
    Well,at least now they will know which fork to use...
  3. lbrown59

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    BUT It's not funney
  4. lbrown59

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    F T C


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