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    Ok so Ford has not verified squat with me. I called Experian to tell them that if Ford can't verify with me how are they verifying with them?
    EXP: You can be one day late and they can put you at 30 days late
    ME: And this is legal how?
    EXP: Credit companies can do this
    ME: Ok you have avoided my first question and now you give me some bullsh$t answer for the second. I have 3 credit reports with 3 different things on it....
    EXP BUTTS IN...We are not Equifax or TU...
    ME BUTTING IN:I never said that, maybe if you didn't interrupt while I was speaking. I want you to send me the information about you 'verifying' these late payments, who you spoke to at Ford their phone number.
    EXP: We called a supervisor and they said yes you were late.
    ME: Thats like me saying you owe me $100 and you saying no, whos word do you take? The company that pays you to report this sh$t or the person that hates you?
    EXP: Well thats just not true, you have to prove I owe it to you.
    ME: Hang on I'll printout some statement from my Microsoft Word and I'll make you prove that you don't owe it. Sound fair.
    EXP: I have nothing to do with you screwing up your credit report...
    ME BUTTING IN: I beg your pardon, put your supervisor on the phone.

    I was on hold from 11:35 til 12:02 I hung up and called the FTC.
    The FTC said
    1. yes their printout is proof enough as me being late
    2. Each creditor bureau is different...BLAH BLAH BLAH
    3. Basically I have nothing on any of the credit bureaus or Ford.

    BTW I emailed Ford a third time asking for the proof, I again used the 'lawsuit' word but this time wrote it in big letters, they responded TWICE, with a 'we're looking into it'
    KHM<~~~~~VERY DISTURBED!!!!!
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    One more quick note. My hubby had to call EQU today about a problem he had with them, he had sent a letter 2 weeks ago. EQU said that they will start his dispute as sson as they receive the mail, BUT a lot of people have left EQU because they are afraid of this whole ANthrax thing. The guy said cause most people don't like the CB's that the employees dont want to risk it. The guy then said his investigation may take longer than 30 days possibly 60, my hubby said well the law gives you 30 any longer and I'll see you in court. LOL
    I would said if you are thinking about disputing with EQU do it now!

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