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    I got an email from them saying I was preapproved. I clicked on the link just to look it over and then closed the link. I got three pop up screens offering Nextcard. I hate those pop ups. I assume that Futurecard and Nextcard are the same company?
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    No they are not the same company. The Futurecard is First Premier, a bank that lends to sub prime consumers. Nextcard, based in California is not related at all to First Premier. I can see how this would be confusing due to Nextcard's marketing strategies and use of the annoying pop up screens. I would caution you that both companies should be avoided. First Premier has all sorts of set up fees and monthly maint. fees attached. Nextcard (which I recently closed), offers an alleged 9.9 fixed but then manages to up the rate (deceptive business practice I believe, especially since I am not a late pay customer). Well, I hope this helps.


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