Garnishment in PA, legal?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lewish5527, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. lewish5527

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    I have read on this board that garnishments are illegal in the state of Pennsylvania, where I live. I have been served with a writ of garnisment due to a judgement, and I need to know what my next course of action should be. Can I sue them? The name of the co. is R & D Enterprises.
  2. keepmine

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    You need to see a Pa. lawyer. Wage garnishment is illegal in your state but, it's likely they may be able to garnish bank accounts, etc.
  3. lewish5527

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    thanks, I will talk to a lawyer ASAP.

    does that mean wage garnishment is illegal even for child support?
  4. fxs158

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    I do not know about child support but I lived in PA and was garnished on student loans. I would think that it is ok for the goverment to garnish but it is not ok for anyone else. Go figure...
  5. iambroke

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    Why not pay your child support instead? Then you won't have to worry about being garnished. Afterall your kids need that money!

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