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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Alex - Cre, Jul 7, 2000.

  1. Alex - Cre

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    I've never applied for a gas card, (Amoco, Shell, etc...) I usually just use cash or VISA. What would be the advantage of having one of these as opposed to using my VISA? What is the usual interest on one of those puppies? Thanks for any help.


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  2. FISH

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend

    The advantage is that you are not tying up any of your credit line on your M/C or VISA and it is another tool for credit. My Shell and Citgo are not reported on CRA's so they do not count against me as a trade line with available open credit. They have the usual APR as most other cards and have the flexability of revolving so if you are a little short that month you do not have to pay in full.
  3. creditwork

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend

    Another advantage is the rebates that some of them offer. I know Shell offers 5% cash back. Some of these cards also can be a stepping stone to better cobranded cards.

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  4. Michael

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend

    Actually the best reason to start applying for them is two fold:

    A. they will probably be another good trade reference in your bureau report, which may lead to other offers coming your way.

    B. You can use a gas card and some dept. store cards to start a relationship with a major credit grantor. The best two examples are Texaco which the Associates issues, and Best Buy which HFC issues. Both HFC and Associates also offer some nice Visa/M.C. products!
  5. T

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend

    Which gas card offer instant online decision?thanks.
  6. creditwork

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend

    Associates has a number of gas cards.
    Here is the link for applying online for a Phillips66 MasterCard.
  7. BarryN - C

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend


    I have several fuel cards and I enjoy them because I am using their money for 30 days. I pay the balances off on these guys each month. The interest rates are in the 21% range on all of them.

    Another nice benefit of my Diamond Shamrock card, is that I get 1-cent rebate on all gas purchased. So if the pump price is $1.49 per gallon, I am actually paying $1.48. I know it's not much, but it is a perk.

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  8. David D.

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend

    I've always filled up with Mobil, the gas company that boasts "Speedpass." Not only is Speedpass convenient, as I just wave the little key fob in front of the emblem and the gas charge automatically is billed to my Mobil account, but like others mentioned, I don't have gas charges on my major cc's. This was more of an issue when I was building my credit profile from scratch a year or so ago, when my credit lines were only $500.
  9. creditwork

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    RE: Gas Credit Cards Recommend

    I charge my Mobil gas to my Amex corporate card, they give 1% back, it is just a little better than the penny per galon that Barry mentioned, but like he said every bit helps.

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