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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by premeno, May 11, 2002.

  1. premeno

    premeno Well-Known Member

    Has anyone dealt with Genus Credit Management? I joined their program in 1999. I was paying three Capital One accounts through them for about 34 months. In January of 2002, I decided to see what my balance was with Capital One on these accounts, I asked Genus who said they did not know, I would have to contact NCO, who was receiving payments for the accounts. NCO informed me that the accounts had been sent back to Capital One. So I called Capital One. The balance they said I owed was the same balance I owed in 1999! They said the money I had paid went to interest I owed! We have gone back and forth now for awhile. I sent them a request for validation letter, so far no response. I asked for an account of all payments sent to NCO for the accounts, every statement on the account etc.
    My problem lately is getting Genus to send me the repayment schedule for the Capital One accounts. I know this is possible because they sent me one for another creditor I have on the program. They just seem to be stalling. They were investigating the Capital One accounts for me as well, and they were suppose to let me know what they found out, they haven't, despite repeated calls and E-Mail! I just E-Mailed them telling them I was considering legal action against Capital One and NCO for mismanagement of my money, if they would not send the information I needed, I would file a complaint. I am just so frustrated right now! I can't get anyone to give me an account of how my payments were applied! Any suggestion?
  2. Ozzyburger

    Ozzyburger Well-Known Member

    Weren't you still getting statements from your creditors... the statements would show how your $ was applied each month.... or am I misunderstanding you?

  3. premeno

    premeno Well-Known Member

    No, I never received any statements from either Capital One, or NCO. I haven't a clue what my balance is. I know, I should not have been so trusting that my payments would be applied to the balances owed. I feel so stupid for not being more involved in the whole process! I was just so happy to get out from under all the late fees and over the limit fees I was getting! That is why I have sent the validation letter to Capital One, to get them to provide me with monthly statements, reflecting the payment received and how it was applied. All Genus has supplied me with so far is a payment history, showing how much was paid on the accounts, when and the check number.
  4. cfand3boyz

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    I was with Genus Credit Management from Dec 1998 until Feb of this year. I also had a Capital One account with them. In the beginning (first year or so) my interest rate was 25% because of late payments so very little was going towards principal. However, after that time I had Genus contact Capital One to see if they would lower the interest so that more would be applied to my principal. Capital One agreed and lowered it to 15.9%. Also Capital One sent statements every single month. Have you recently moved? Could your statements be going to a different address? I would check with Capital One again.

    Although I decided that I no longer wanted to be affiliated with Genus (wanted to get cccs statements removed from credit reports), I never had a problem with them. They were always very timely when sending me documents and so forth. In fact, I have contacted them since I left the program and they send documents very fast then. So if I were you, I would give Genus a little more time to contact creditors and so forth.

    One other thing..don't depend on them to send a letter with the results. IN my case the letters never came. I would simply call Genus and they would tell me the results.

    Anyway, I hope you are able to get this resolved very soon. I was quite sur[rised to see your complaint because I have dealt with both companies with no problems. more thing..have you considered using planet feedback?

    Best of luck to you!
  5. premeno

    premeno Well-Known Member

    No, I never received statements from either Capital One, or NCO, who received the payments for Capiatal One. I didn't move either. I have tried to call and request this information, no one seems to be able to help, they just note the account, and say someone will call. No one does. Capital One stated that the interest rate varied each month, Genus says they did not. But won't supply me with what I interest I did pay. Capital One so far, they have about 5 days left on the validation request, has not supplied me with statements proving that I owe what they say I do.Even if they feel they do not have to validate, they do have to provide me with statements. I really don't know what to do. Genus hasn't been very helpful. They do have to supply me with the repayment schedule I have requested, I am a paying client, this information is not confidential. I haven't posted anything on PFB. Would I address Capital One or Genus problems?
  6. cfand3boyz

    cfand3boyz Well-Known Member

    If I were you I would send the planet feedback to Capital One. It seems that he (Mr. Cooke) responds really fast during weekdays. Sooo if you have access to a computer early on a weekday morning I would send him planet feedback and then give him a number where you can be reached during the day. Good luck!

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