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    Cashout loans are usually a slightly higher interest rate than the locally advertised rate. Many loans that are not cash outs are at a higher rate also.

    A borrower cannot rely on the advertised rates when applying for a mortgage loan simply because there are so many different types of mortgages and most of them carry different rates. What I see is that companies try to advertise the best rates they can. You are welcome to ask them what program offers that rate.

    What I suggest you do is call all of the mortgage lenders and inquire about the type of loan you are seeking. Once a loan officer has an idea of the type of mortgage loan you are looking for, they can tell you whether they offer that type of program and what an estimated interest rate would be depending upon certain conditions such as your credit, debt ratios, loan size etc.

    You can also go to the search engines and type in an advanced search for mortgage loans, you will find many links to companies that have on line sites. This is a good way to find mortgage lenders who are out of your area. I would suggest that you stay with mortgage lenders within your state.

    For clarification, FHA requires MI (mortgage insurance) payments on any loan to value. PMI (private mortgage insurance) is for conventional loans and is for the 20% financed above 80% of the loan to value. So, if you do not want to pay any mortgage insurance premium, you will be seeking a conventional loan. To the best of my knowledge to date, FHA does not offer cash out programs, all cashouts are conventional mortgages .

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