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    I am writing to get some advice on getting a loan that's currently in my mom's name to one that is in my name. My mom took out a 4 year loan for me in Aug. 1998 at our credit union for my car due to my having bad credit and owing $14K on credit at the time. Currently I have two active credit cards that I use and pay in full each month. I owe $500 of the $14K, which will be paid off in 11 Days! It's hard to believe, I'll be out of debt in 11 Days, but I am extremely excited!! Back to what I was posting about...I am trying to get this loan in my name for the last year. I am wondering how I need to go about doing this to get the loan. I just finished paying off Citibank Visa, Discover, and AT&T Universal Card over the last month. If I look on my TransUnion credit report (which is the that my credit union), it shows that these accounts still have balances and some of them have 2-4 months old balances. 2 of these 3 accounts are charged off. Seeing that I am trying to get this loan before August, and having the balances on these 3 cards shown on the TU credit report will not look good, should I try to get these accounts updated via TU with a no balance? OR Should I try to challenge these accounts for verification that they are not mine since they are Charged Off? I am trying to do what will be best for me in the long run and rebuild my credit! I am trying to get a house in Dec., 2002


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