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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Reshod, Sep 9, 2000.

  1. Reshod

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    I have the Chevron Card (not the credit builder) and a couple of other accounts that are not on my credit reports. What steps can I take to ensure that the credit bureaus have an accurate account of my credit worthiness?

  2. Michael

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    RE: Getting accounts onto my R

    First off if your card company reports to the bureau, then speak with them. Write them a letter and they should take care of the problem.

    However if your company doesn't report such as the Am Ex Optima, or Sunoco card then
    I think that you can write to the credit bureaus and dispute your credit report and get the bureau to write to the creditor.

    The only drawback is that the report will be a one time manual report input, but it will help building credit for those that have little credit
  3. CardReport

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    RE: Getting accounts onto my R

    The best thing is to take Michael's suggestion, in that order (letter to the creditor first, then to the bureau.)

    But if you want to get these accounts into all three of your credit files in the quickest, most reliable, and most thorough way, just default on them, and watch how fast they show up then. </sarcasm>

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    RE: Getting accounts onto my R

    Excellent point, LOL!

    For most of us, lack of reporting to credit bureaus is the absolute least of our problems. Whatever Reshod is doing "wrong," we need to find out so we can use it for credit repair purposes. A few years from now, will we see banner ads for "Lexington & Reshod Law Firm?"

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