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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by elaine, Nov 10, 2000.

  1. elaine

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    How soon after a bankruptcy has been discharged should a person wait before trying to get credit cards again? And how easy is it? (please considering a brand new car was purchased 9 months before filing, payments never late and are still be paid for on time)? Thanks for any answers to can give me
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    RE: Getting credit after bankr

    go to
    its easy to get is a secured credit card and they report to the credit bureau
  3. Carrot

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    RE: Getting credit after bankr

    Providian is generous about extending credit after bankruptcy, and you can probably get a secured card from Capital One.
  4. Carrot

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    One more thing..

    I'm not sure if there is a recommended timeline for how soon you should start re-establishing credit, but I waited two years and it actual hurt my ability to get decent credit when I tried to purchase a car last year. My Bk is almost 5 years old, but because I waited so long, I only had about two years of credit history--not enough to prove my creditworthiness for some banks. Because it's difficult to anticipate future credit needs, I suggest you start building as soon as you can.

    BTW--I started getting credit card offers a few months after discharge.
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    RE: Getting credit after bankr

    You should be able to get a secured card with both First Consumers National Bank ( and Umbrella Bank ( FCNB will probably give you a higher credit limit, while Umbrella has a better interest rate.
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    RE: Getting credit after bankr

    Elaine - I did this. My Chap 13 was Oct 96.

    I got providian - low limit high cost - get it.
    I got cap one - get it.
    I also got FCNB.

    All will approve you now - but FCNB will be a secured card. send in the bucks and get it. they are great.

    those 3 cards and perfect pymts for over 3 yrs just got me an AMEX Green Card, and those cards helped qualify AMEX.


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