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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nave, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. Nave

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    I know I have negative items on my Credit Report (from card denials) and I wanted to view my report online before I request them in writing from the CRA's - I am obtaining them in advance of retaining Lexington (I am lazy :) I read they needed me to send them my reports and I want to get them before I sign up.

    So I was about to get my report from WorthKnowing (because it is free) when I read the "Terms of service agreement" I saw that I essentially gave WorthKnowing, and their affilliated card issuers, access to my report for 90 days to make "pre-approved" offers and other such reasons.

    Is this something I should be concerned about? or is it simply stating what credit card issuers can do anyway to inquire about my credit whenever they wish. Do their inquiries show up adversly on my report?

    And while on the subject since I am new to this whole credit repair stuff, what is the best way to obtain copies of my report? Does MY inquiry show up on the report each time I ask for my own reports? Does this adversly effect me in any way?

    Sorry to ask so many questions but I want to begin this whole thing the right way.

    Thanks, any help is appreciated. -Dave
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    Also while searching for answers from older posts, I read a post from cautious saying:
    Author: cautious (
    Date: 11-20-00 22:52

    So far, worthknowing has been baiting w/ offer of a free credit report, in exchange for your personal information, while placing countless hard inquiries. Be very careful.
    That cinches my choice not to try WorthKnowing, but raises another question for a hard inquiry seen by creditors and a soft inquiry seen only by me? and what exactly constitutes hard/soft inquiries? Do you get a inquiry marked on your report even when requesting the reports youself directly from the CRA?!?! That seems ridiculous!

    Thanks in advance again, -Dave

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  4. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Thanks George,

    I presume you have used (or are using) WorthKnowing and have seen the inquiry as "soft". That makes me feel better hearing it from you as a user.

    Does a soft inquiry appear when you request your own reports via USMail? I am going to call all 3 Monday and request em. I am in MD and I get to request once a year for free so I am off and running next week.

    Anyway, Thanks for the info on WorthKnowing.

    Peace, -Dave

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    If you have been denial credit for last 90 days, you can get free credit report on-line from their websites. Their on-line credit report site is Let you view youe credit report instantly but you have to answer a few question about your accounts on your report. That's prevent someone get credit report for you and is your protection.

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