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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by kenny, Jun 14, 2001.

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    I am getting an orchard bank mastercard in a few weeks. I can finally get rid of my cross country once I pay it off. I don't even keep it onme now just put it up in my dresser along with my providian gold card. After I get the mastercard I will have the following

    First National Bank of Marin 450.00 limit I've had it for year and 3 months

    Providian Gold 580 limit I've had it since Dec 2000

    Cross Country Bank 350 limit had it since Jan 2001

    Cenntianl Mastercard 250 limit had it since May 2001

    and now the Orchard mastercard. Now how do you guys determine which card you want to get rid of once you get a better card. I go by time I've had the card, customer service, interest rate, annual fees, and crdit limit. I factor al of these together to determine what card I should keep and which one I should lose.
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    What is the credit limit on your new orchard?

    I would sit down and make a list of all the important things of each card:
    -annual fee?
    -lengh of time of promos?
    -fixed or variable apr's?
    -other fees?
    -any benifits?
    -Your likes of each card?
    -your dislikes of each card?
    -how many credit cards do you want to have?

    and what ever else seems applicable to your situation.

    Then, compare them all and depending on how many credit cards you want to have, choose the one's that are best suitable for your lifestyle!

    good luck


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