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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by mindcrime2, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. mindcrime2

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    all 3 of my credit reports show a "paid" collection from 10/99 w/ a phone co. that i never had an account with. i've disputed twice already with all 3 and each time it comes back verified. my question is, what can be done about this? i've looked at the validation letters but they don't seem to work for a paid collection, only an unpaid one. any suggestions?


    it's all in your mind, or is it?
  2. Pat

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    If it really isn't your account, call the phone co. and tell them that they're reporting someone else's info on your report. You could play it nice and see where it gets you.

    If that doesn't work (or if it might be yours) you could still try the validation. Paid or not, they are reporting it.
  3. bbauer

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    That's a nice idea. After all, the Bible does say that if you get slapped you should just turn your cheek so they can slap that too, don't it?
  4. tom65432

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    I recently used the Lizardking validation on a paid collection. Just a few modifications and it was fine. They never responded, but they did delete the item from all three CRA's. The point is, it was not mine and therefore they could not validate it.

    Be sure to send it certified mail, return receipt requested. And, be sure there is a line in there about how you hope they will handle this properly so that you will not have to file suit.

    It really does work. I recommend it.

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