Gm Card Approval?? Denial??

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by janritch, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. janritch

    janritch New Member

    I went to the GM web site and applied and I did not get an instant approval,rather a message that said "you will be hearing from us within 10-14 days". Is this the same as a denial? I know that they pulled my equifax report with a beacon of 704. Has anyone else gotten this message and was in fact approved? Thanks,Ritchie
  2. LKH

    LKH New Member

    That happened to me. I called the 800 # minutes after applying. They put me on hold for a minute and came back approved. I then told them the limit was too small to do the transfer I wanted and they gave me another $2000 on the spot.
  3. alent1234

    alent1234 New Member

    I got the same thing and got an email a few days later that I was approved. I did the EQ dispute thing that artificially raised my score. My initial limit was $3000 but was raised to $5000 a month after I got the card.
  4. tnobles

    tnobles New Member

    when I applied I got an instant denial, for too many inqs. So considering what the other 2 posters said, good chance you are approved?
  5. pnwman

    pnwman New Member

    How often does the card do a AR?
  6. willgator

    willgator New Member

    I was instantly approved if it helps.
  7. alent1234

    alent1234 New Member

    In 4 months I haven't had one yet even with the CLI.
  8. tac14033

    tac14033 New Member

    I applied online and was instantly approved, I figured in a couple of days I would be getting the card.

    Nope.....Got a denial letter stating too many inquiries and not enough revolving accounts??

    I called and spoke to a person there and nothing really changed their mind, they continued to state they couldn't approve me despite their online website stating instant approval.

    My Equifax score is 726 with absolutely no derogs. I stated have you actually looked at my credit report??

    She said, yes we did.

    I said...You can see I am no deadbeat by any means and have plenty of good credit, present and past.

    She said...But you don't have any credit card accounts? I said...Yes thats why I'm applying for a credit card!

    She said unless I had a CC they couldn't approve me.

    I said how am I to get a damn CC if no one will approve me?? She said she understands but she can't "Over ride" the system.

    Yeah right!!

    Go pound sand!!

  9. pnwman

    pnwman New Member


    Did you have any store cc?
  10. tac14033

    tac14033 New Member

    The only Charge that is showing on my report is a closed Capital One account, paid nvr late, closed by me.

    The other charge cards I did have were charge off's and from all of my work they were removed.

    I currently don't have any active credit cards listed. I just got approved with BOFA about 2 weeks ago after being denied. I spoke to Robin Brickland who did a manual review of my TU report and gave me a card with a $1000.00 CL.

    That is the only CC I currently have and it is not reporting yet.

    I can't understand how I could apply online and get approved and then receive a denial letter, this makes me come to the conclusion that my FICO was more then adequate but they then did a manual review of my report and thus the denial letter.

    I found the credit repair process easy, now I just can't figure this credit approval thing out...Is it completely based on your score or what if any information is contained on your report??



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