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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sirrowan, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. sirrowan

    sirrowan Well-Known Member

    As of 09/29/03 I have 3 payments due on my Impala. I will admit that GMAC has certainly worked with me in the past. But now they have forwarded my account to their "special" collection department. aka Ex-convicts on parole as collectors.

    These guys, like Mr. Street (pimp?) were so rude. I realize that they have a job to do, but goodness gracious, this guy called my work and started spouting off about me being 3 payments behind on my Malibu and wanting to know if I had turned the car in to the dealership where I purchased the vehicle. I was like what? He said do you have a Malibu? I said no! He said OH, I meant an Impala. Do you have an Impala? Is this sirrowan? (fine time to ask who the hell I am, because I hadn't identified myself and he hadn't told me where he was calling from either). Yeah, this is sirrowan. Well, and sh#t spewed forth from his mouth like a well seasoned beggar. I asked for the number to call him back at and did.

    Anyway, I called them back. This all happened Wednesday. I talked to a Morgan this time. I told him that I couldn't make a payment until Friday. He said that he couldn't guarantee that my car would be repo'd by then. I said well, I will take my chances.

    Today I call to make a payment and the guy says that I must pay double what I said I promised to pay on Wednesday. What a bunch of jerks! I told him that unfortunetely I am unable to pull money from my a$$ at this time, but in the near future it was definetely possible. I kept him on the phone forever. He kept saying that he had to get off the phone. Wasn't as aggressive as he thought he was, hehehehe.

    So I call back and ask to talk to a supervisor. I get to talk to this guy named Mike Fry. Mike has the personality of a rock. First thing he says is, what do you want? Huh? I am thinking wow, I bet you have CSR Rep of the year two years running....

    We have a few words, I ask him if he's a supervisor. He says he is a credit admin. I say well isn't that the same as a credit rep? Well, you could say that, he says. I said Who is the supervisor. He would not tell me. We had a few more choice words, I finally I lose my temple, JUST A LITTLE, and I say are you in the collection industry because you have a f###ing personality disorder or WHAT? He says sort of whiny like I'm not talking to you anymore and hangs up.

    So, I am going to western union one payment without them knowing and hope that that takes care of them for the time being.

    DF has put the car in the garage and locked it so they can't get it right now.

  2. cinderella

    cinderella Well-Known Member

    I had payments with GMAC a few years ago. They really are a bunch of idiots.

    Anyways, I don't know if you have done this, but explain you are having some financial problems and ask if they offer a hardship payment plan. I was able to pay $50 for two months instead of my regular car payments. They just added two months onto my payment plan. I did this with both GMAC and another car dealer. Also, they did not report these two months as late.
  3. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    Wow! I've never had a problem with GMAC. We got 3 months behind on both vehicles a little over a year ago. We finally got the pay up or be repo'd line.

    They then agreed to take 1 payment for each, and brought the account current. They are deferred to the end of the loan.
  4. sirrowan

    sirrowan Well-Known Member

    I've already done the deferred plan. I believe that is why they are being hard nosed about it. Like I said I know they are in the business to make money. It's just that the "special" collections guys weren't about resolving an issue. It was scare/threatening/intimidating tactics with them. They were extremely unprofessional.

    Oh well....guess I'll hide the car in the garage until I'm caught up.
  5. amdforever

    amdforever Member

    Is hiding the car in the garage going to be effective if they sue you and the courts force you to return the car?

    Can they do that?
  6. cinderella

    cinderella Well-Known Member

    Well, the collections of GMAC were pretty tough. For awhile, dh and I were constantly behind in our payments and repossession was definitely a constant worry.

    I think I kept between one to two months behind for a year, and they never repo'd, but they sure called a lot.

    They also messed up on a lot of reporting, when dh and finally made it out of our financial rut, we prepaid our car payments several months in advance and they credited our payments to principal, not the upcoming months payments. SO, we got dinged with late payments on the credit reports, this has happened a few times.

    I had other problems with GMAC too, I would avoid dealing with them again in the future if possible.
  7. sirrowan

    sirrowan Well-Known Member


    Yeah, I know where you're coming from. I mean if I could have predicted the future economic statis, or lack thereof, I wouldn't have even purchased the car to begin with. It wasn't about owning a new car. At that point in time I could AFFORD it. I have had several financial disasters happen since I purchased the car. Almost to the day. It could be said, knock on wood, that this car is cursed!

    Anyway, I know that in the next few months, things ARE going to get better and that I will once again be able to afford my payments.

    The problem that I have with GMAC is that from reading other's posts they will not cut you any slack as for as their reporting goes. And that sucks!

    I will probably never finance another vehicle through GMAC because of this situation. Not just being behind in my payments, because I will have to admit they have certainly worked with me. But the collection department is the WORST. I mean GMAC could probably cut their losses by hiring more effective, resolution based, think outside of the box, EDUCATED, not recently paroled a$$holes to work in their collections department.

    Luckily, I do have a mere 2.9% apr on my car, so my loans isn't in the WORST shape that it could be compared to others who pay higher interest rates.

    And about locking my car in my garage, (from the previous poster, sorry I cannot recall the name), I realize this isn't a solution, but until I can become more current with my payments, this IS what I am going to do. I don't VOLUNTARILY give up anything. They cannot get my garage door open without ripping the framework of my garage off(heheheheh). My daddy didn't raise me this way! I take care of myself and my family first. PERIOD.

    PS. I am not getting snotty with you, please understand that, but a girl is gotta do whatta girl is gotta do to get by!
  8. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    LOL, you better block it in at work - they will pick it up there too.

    I feel your pain...

    I'm 30+ with Ford, and now won't have money until Tuesday. A home for us keeps getting further and further away.
  9. Thee One

    Thee One Well-Known Member

    If you haven't called Ford, call them and let them know. I was behind once and they worked with me, and I think the lady said they don't report lates until 60 days, but I may be wrong on that. In any case if you call them before they report, you can talk them out of reporting. They are very willing to work with you.

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