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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, Aug 22, 2000.

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    Okay, as you can see from my previous post on mortgages my credit is less than perfect! (Isn't that a nice sounding term instead of BAD credit?)

    Anyway, we bought a car through GMAC in 92. In 97, paid the car off according to our records. According to GMAC, we haven't paid them off - even though I have proof. For the last 3 years I have been fighting them. All they will say is that I owe $800 more on the loan. They have refused (and I am not kidding) to prove to me what this $800 is. Over 3 years I have sent them 15 certified letters...I have all the receipts. They will NOT respond to my demands for proof of this debt. The only thing they sent to me was a statement of payments on my account, which shows that not only I paid the full loan but more than the original loan amount. What can I do? This company is holding my car and credit hostage and absolutely ignore any requests. The ONLY letter I have received is the one with the statement and it was a settlement letter for $600. I couldn't believe it. I wrote back AGAIN and said, I have paid more than the original amount...what is the rest of this debt and PROVE IT!

    I am at a loss as where to go. This is a LARGE company and I am a small nobody who they obviously feel deserves no time or respect. I know I could hire an attorney and I can imagine just how much that would cost. Any suggestions or similar experience would be so helpful. This is one bad debt that is legitimately NOT MINE! I paid these d**n people and they keep screwing me over.
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    Call GMAC and say this- it will work instantly!!!

    Tell them your local TV station - (in san fran chan 4 has a show called Contact 4 where
    fed up customers call - they put the company in the press - and you've got certified letters.

    Tell the GMAC REP you were going to call them next if they didn't fix it within 2 hrs and call back and verify.

    Tell them if you do not hear back by ....
    11 am, you are dialing Contact 4 and give em some press!

    I KNOW THIS WORKS read on:
    I bought an NEC computer about 2 yrs ago,
    maybe 3. It was in the shop 3 times in the first 30 days - I let this go on for 11
    shop visits. NEC would not get me a new PC and the warrant was out in another 30 days.

    I went to the web,, Investments, Officers, and found the PRES of NEC and his
    business number.

    I explained to his staff that this computer was worked on 14 times and I have paper.
    I will call Contact 4 NEWS this afternoon
    and I am giving my documents to them.
    I believe your company will be getting press on the 6 o'clock news.

    That afternoon.

    Since Ive given the old P400 to a friend and now zap with Dell P111 800 DSL.

    Amusing story, huh? :)
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    Should we start calling you BullDog-man?

    good story,


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