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    HI, I would like your opinion on something, if you wouldnt mind..I have a GMAC charge off on my reports, paid in full, 1995. I disputed this a few times because the date is wrong, (it should read paid off as of 1994) NOt only has GMAC verified repeatedly , but they have ignored my last two letters asking for proof of the payments and charge off date. They have also "updated" Equifax to say that I had 36 30 day late payments!

    There is no way I paid that account 30 days late on 36 separate occasions. (I loused up the account, but not to that extent, and I find it hard to believe that they have the info for that, but cant answer my letter.)

    Would a validation letter work here, or some variation of that? Should I file a complaint with the Atty General/Division of Consumer Affairs? I want them to send me proof, and if they cant, remove the account. I bought the car 12 years ago, and I cannot believe it has to stay on there till 11/02.

    Thanks for your help and for reading this long note...

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