GMAC mortgage Problem... Help!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Nestea, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

    My wife has a new mortgage with GMAC.

    when the first payment came due, i sent a check online to GMAC for the Monthly payment (2500) plus some additional principal.

    The check never posted to the account, so I contacted GMAC online today via chat, and asked them what happened to the payment.

    They said "it was returned y the bank due to "invalid account number".

    they are NOT saying it bounced.. they are saying the account number is invalid. (The check was a BT check at 0.0%).

    I made a payment online today. They waived the late fee upon my request as a "one time courtesty", but said that it WILL be reported as a 30 day mortgage late, because of the phooey "we are required by law to report when you are 30 days past due."

    "the 30 day late WILL be posted to your history. it will take 30-90 days for it to appear".

    anything I can do???? Call the President's office before it appears?? wait until it appears to call (hopefully it never will?)

    this is a brand new mortgage, opened end of 2002.

    I asked "why didnt you call me" they said "we dont do that, we send you a letter on the 14th". I did NOT recieve a letter from them. Really.

    any ideas???? Thanks!!

    I saved the chat on my computer.
  2. lbrown59

    lbrown59 New Member

    1*You aren't responsable for banking errors .
    1*Bounced checks fees are a racket.
    2*This is a lie.
  3. Nestea

    Nestea New Member


    QUEEN_BEE New Member

    This leads me to believe one of two things happened:

    1. the account number that was printed on the check was misprinted (not your fault).

    2. the account number got screwed up when they tried to redeem the check (still not your fault)

    Did you keep a copy of the check? Can you get a copy of the check? That would eliminate or confirm #1.
  5. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

    Yes. I believe I do have a copy of the check.

    its a Chase check, from a BT offer, not a GMAC check.

    QUEEN_BEE New Member

    Is the account number on the check the same as your Chase account number? If so and they match you have GMAC on the hook.

    If its not your account number, you can either:

    a. call Chase and confirm the numbers with them
    b. if you have another BT check, make sure the account number on it is the same as the one you send GMAC and use it. If it posts w/o problems, then that confirms that the problem is not the account number as well.
  7. Butch

    Butch New Member


    Be very specific about why the number got messed up.

    Who did it, and why?


    QUEEN_BEE New Member

    Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem... Help!

    That's what I was getting at. Thanks, Butch.
  9. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

    Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem... He

    I gave a Chase BT check that came in the mail... Put the check numbers in the GMAC online site...

    The CORRECT numbers, as on the check...

    They say chase returned it for Invalid Account Number.

    GMAC states that they did NOT call me to tell me, only that they "sent me a letter".

    I got GMAC to waive the late fee, but the gal insists that GMAC must report a 30 day late.

    This is my wife, who has 100% PERFECT credit (like GEORGE... lol)
  10. DaveLV

    DaveLV New Member

    Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem... He

    I don't think you can do ACH transfers from a credit card like you can with a normal checking account.
  11. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

    Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem... He

    and if so... does my wife deserve a 30 day late on a perfect 735 FICO history?
  12. DaveLV

    DaveLV New Member

    Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem... He

    I think they should give you the benefit of the doubt and not report it, but I can see their side as well. Since the ACH couldn't't go through, they have no idea if you entered what you thought was a valid checking account number or if you entered a bunch of random numbers to stall making the payment.

    I think they should give you some slack and I know you thought you were making a valid payment. But I have to imagine that they have experience with many people who enter invalid numbers on purpose.

    When I was a lot younger and had cash flow problems, I used to mail checks for credit card or utility payments after I had torn a small part of the encoded account number from the bottom. This delayed the processing of the check for up to two weeks sometimes, but the credit card or utility company would credit me for an on-time payment. I doubt the same tactic would work as well now, but I'm sure people try to mess with these guys all the time.

    I don't know if it would work for you, but I had success with GMAC auto financing removing some lates after I contacted them via Planetfeedback.
  13. tnobles

    tnobles New Member

    Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem... He

    I had a check bounce with GMAC for my mortgage back in Sept. (long story I will not go into) Anyway, they sent me a letter saying they would start foreclosure and everything else (I had never been late) this check bouncing DID make me 30 days late (no, I did not intentionally send a bad check, an emergency situation came up) when I called to ask them to PLEASE not report me late I was never allowed to talk to 'GMAC', as soon as I was prompted for my acct# I was sent straight to collections, yes, I was only 30 days late. I explained to the girl what happened she said that it was understandable and that I had never been late before, but it was beyond their control, it had already been sent to the bureaus, long story short, they placed my account in forebearance, let me double my next month's payment and I never pressed the late notation issue. Well, they never reported me as late. I thank God for that and don't know how it happened but the reason I say this is b/c maybe if you sit back and wait (as I am sure you know they only update about every 3 months) maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised and not even have a late reported.
  14. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

    Re: Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem..


    WHY, WHY, WHY???
  15. tnobles

    tnobles New Member

    Re: Re: Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem..

    I am sorry, I know how depressing it must be... Hopefully you will be able to dispute it off.
  16. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

    Re: Re: Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Probl



    Disputed all 3.

    So far:

    EXPERIAN: "was 30 late now current"
    EQUIFAX "Paid or paying as agreed" "never late"
    TRANS UNION "waiting for results".

    should I call the CEO's office to follow up?? Or fax the letter again???
  17. exotic

    exotic New Member

    Have you paid it yet? I think that they only can report 30 days late if your payment is received after the 29th day something like that, but they connot report 30 days late if they received it after the 14 or 15 of the month, example if its due on the 1st of the month late charges start the 15th day......
  18. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

    Yes, i've paid it.....

    Am I supposed to call the CEO? or just re-fax the letter??
  19. Nestea

    Nestea New Member

  20. lbrown59

    lbrown59 New Member

    Re: Re: GMAC mortgage Problem... Help!


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