Going Insane !!! HELP PLEASE !!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tryinhard, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. tryinhard

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    Ok I am sooooo mad I could scream....AHHH !!!
    I have been arguing an account on the credit reports (all three) for months and it keeps coming back verified! How the $#@!, I sent these CRA's enough documentation that this account doesnt belong to me and the CA cant and wont validate let alone answer my request, yet the CRA's continue to verify, I swear that experian, just opened the letter and slapped verified 9/03 right away on the report. What do I have to do to get this off!! I think I am gone to wind up behind rubber walls because of these idiots! Is there someone particular I need to talk/write to at the CRA's about this, if so, what kind of letter would be appropriate and fit the situation? Sorry for all the screaming, I need to vent. I want to call them asap but not sure if that is the wisest thing to do, may loose it and hoop and holler at them and get no where. Then again, If I write AGAIN Is the same thing gone to happen and they continue to BS me and say verified? (probably) What can I possibly do to keep the sanity I have left, should I give up? thanks for any advice, I appreciate it :)
  2. Poochie

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    THere have been a lot of good posts here recently about this. Check out the validation post at the top of this page - demand validation of the debt, and if they can't/won't validate the debt, then send out an Intent to Sue letter (ITS) and be prepared to follow up. I'm sure there are some other actions you can take as well, but others will have to advise you.

  3. SoParkDiva

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    Poochie is right. You have already attempted to verify with the OC and they can't validate so now it's time to send out the ITS letter. Getting angry on a message board doesn't solve anything.

    Start calling lawyers who deal with credit issues. They are in the phone book. Ask for free consultations. You can even put the name of an attorney in your ITS letter and let the OC know they will be hearing from him.

    I have never had this problem but if I did I would certainly sue the #%@ out of them. I would not hesitate. Most people are afraid to sue or just don't realize how easy it is. I have sued 2 companies (not credit-related) and won both times. They ended up paying my attorney's fees. You can't lose!

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