good credit card for the 660s?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dtremit, Aug 20, 2003.

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    Alright, I seem to be batting zero in applying for cards lately (tried the Amazon visa and the NWA WorldPerks card from USBank). My credit score from all three CRAs is in the 660s, based on a credit history of one account. That one account is my Visa card, which has a total of four 30 day lates, all of which are more than two years ago. No other negatives (or positives) at all. The account's been open for ~5 years. I've only got one hard inquiry on my TU and Expedian records, and two on Equifax, if that matters. The reported balance on my card is $675-$725 out of $1k (even though I'm paying it off in full every month).

    With this sort of credit history -- and good income from a new job -- what credit cards should I be applying for? I'd like to build up my credit -- I'd like to get a mortgage in a few years --and actually get to the point where I have _enough_ credit that my monthly expenses don't max out my card. I won't be carrying a balance, so interest rates don't matter much at all. A rewards card would probably be ideal, if I could get one.

    Thanks for your advice --

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    Can't help you with cc's, but I have a question. Have you tried to send a goodwill letter to the cc you have? Getting those lates removed might help :)
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    Just a suggestion, but you need rounded credit to buy a home...can you take out a small car loan? They seem to look for one or two different types of credit. Revolving, cc, and car loans.

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