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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by NanaC, Mar 24, 2001.

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    About a week ago, I posted regarding a collection agency who, representing a hospital, had reported on all 3 CRA's, 4 accounts that had already been paid!

    Many of you were kind enough to help me with responses and ideas so I thought I would update you on the situation.

    I wrote letters to the attorney general in the state of the hospital and the state of the collection agency, i wrote to the hospital, the collection agency, and I reported the hospital and the collection agency to the better business bureau. (I was mad!)

    Anyway, got my reports back (as I was also on a Junum cycle 1) and one week after letters were signed for at these places (or Junum did this, I don't know which), and on one CR, all 4 were deleted, on the other 2, 3 of the 4 entries were deleted! Whew! That final one will come off, mark my words! :)

    I wanted to share and thank everyone for the encouragement to take steps on this one. It was so wrong!

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