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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by topazmoon, Nov 10, 2001.

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    Just out of many folks were in good standing prior to declaring bankruptcy?

    I know my creditors will be in complete shock since I'm current on my bills and always paid on time. There was even one point on my life when I actually paid my cards in full each month...oh for the good old days.

    However since leaving a stressful job 18 months ago that nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown, I've been living off temp and part-time jobs, savings, cash advances and a refund from my pension and now I'm $33,000 in debt. I just landed a permanent full-time job, but I took a 45% pay cut and I'm running $750 in the hole every month. My local CCCS couldn't help me and they even suggested I talk to a bankruptcy lawyer (I was totally surprised...I didn't even think they pushed bankruptcy as an option).

    The last of my savings is just about to run out so I will be declaring bankruptcy this month. I just mailed off payments to my creditors and I almost wanted to send letters of apologies for having to declare bankruptcy. I know I could have skipped making the payments (both lawyers that I spoke to suggested doing so), but I already feel bad about having to declare bankruptcy...I wanted to at least declare bankruptcy while my accounts were still current.

    I don't know what life will be like the next 10 years while I will wear the scarlet "B"...but I'm determined to rebuild and prove myself again.

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    Two months before filing I had a perfect record, It had taken nine years to get back to that point. Even had a $7,500 AMEX card.

    If possible do not include a card or two with a small balance. My lawyer tossed them all together, with a little thought I would have held onto two of them.

    Also set up a new checking account in advance if you plan on changing banks. Just remember the system is set-up to provide a fresh start. Keep your head up.

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