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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by pan, Jan 1, 2001.

  1. pan

    pan Guest

    I used to get cash from my credit cards. Interst rate 24%/annum, 3% handling fee, no bonus points, know any cash advance facility better than that?
  2. Saar

    Saar Banned

    RE: good suggestion on cash ad

    1. Balance transfer from card_A to card_B. Transfer more than the actual balance. The creditor will send you a check for your credit balance, w/o any exceptional interest/ fees.

    2. Open an account w/ CompuBank. Initial deposit for savings/ checking account can be made w/ a credit card. Then withdraw using CompuBank ATM card or transfer to another account.

    3. Use Yahoo's PayDirect service ( to move money from your credit card to your bank account. Check their policy first to see if they allow it.

  3. netKat

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    RE: good suggestion on cash ad

    Yes. The Quantum card. No cash advance fees, 11.99% - 13.99%. Unless you have the promo rate in effect. Then you can get the cash for 2.99% with no fees.

    I wrote a long review on the card if you want more information. You can access it from the page link below.

  4. TY

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    RE: good suggestion on cash ad

    How many people can qualify this card?
  5. Michael

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    RE: good suggestion on cash ad

    If you have someone you can trust to send the money back to you then Exchange Path by far is the best.

    $500.00 limit per day with NO FEES.

    Do not use anyone with your same address, or account numbers as they do not allow cash advances!
  6. creditwork

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    RE: good suggestion on cash ad

    We are not ashamed to say we offer the best deal. Buy a CreditWorks membership, minimum $1000, use PayPal and the transaction is treated as a purchase. Get 11 installments while earning 19.47% APR. It works for me.
  7. netKat

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    RE: good suggestion on cash ad

    You do need to have very good credit and a good level of income.

    Other than this card, I have never seen cards that do not charge a fee for cash advances and even offer the promo rate on a cash advance.

  8. pan

    pan Guest

    RE: good suggestion on cash ad

    How about cash advance facility/promotion organized by big banks like AMEX, Bank of America, Citibank?

    Any good programs they have lauched that goods?

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