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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Donna, Mar 28, 2000.

  1. Donna

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    Got the first of three credit reports I had requested.

    I had filed BK back in late '94. Was a bit surprised to see that a large medical bill (hospital) that was *supposed* to be included in the BK is listed as a separate civil claim judgment 11/94. (The BK was filed in 12/94, although the legal services had all my paperwork months ahead of that time. I was such a physical/emotional wreck at the time, god only knows what might have gone on.)

    With the civil claim listed separately, it drops off my record in 11/2001. The BK is on until 12/2004. What, if anything, should I do here? Am I better off just waiting for the civil claim to drop off? Is there a possibility of challenging the BK?

    I was delighted to see that most of my negatives drop off by 12/2001 at the latest. My main goal is to clean up my credit, scrounge up a down payment for a house (I realize these things take time)and get out of a bad living situation & have a place of my own at long last.

    Any advice will be very much appreciated. I'm so glad I found this board--I was beginning to think I was all alone with problems like these!
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    I would dispute all the negatives but hold off on the public information (bankruptcy until later) It would be of no value to remove an old BR and yet have tradelines showing discharged in bankruptcy. THe odds are that the info would be archived and not responded to in the statutory period or responded to at all. The hospital record should be disputed (those go fast as they are usually understaffed thank managed care) You go girl! Respond in 1 month after you get your investigations back

    Warmest regards C.R.

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