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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by HELP, Apr 8, 2001.

  1. HELP

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    I need your help people, this exactly isn't a credit topic, but I have nowhere to turn without wasting money on a lawyer.. Here is the situation!

    I sold a laptop computer on eBAY about 2 weeks ago, I accidently told the buyer that if the auction sold for $1049 or higher, I would include a DVD player, well the auction sold for $930.00, the seller sent me $1000.00 and I cashed the money order, and shipped. I did not give DVD player as item was not over $1049.00.

    Buyer is pissed and wanted refund, I gladly accepted, buyer said he would repack the computer and ship back to me. When I received his package, it was not a computer in it, the box was there with the software and supplies,but the actual computer was not packaged in the box! Yes I know you all are laughing)

    He now demands his money back, but I never got the computer back, I sure as hell am not going to give his money back, since I didnt get the computer back, but now I told him this, and he is going to file a fraud report against me.

    Should I call the police here and let them know what is happening? Should I contact the post office, help!!! I don't want to refund his money, as he is trying to SCAM ME!!!

    Can he file suit in court to destroy my credit? Would a judge believe me? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    You need to report this to

    They'll guide you and help with the legal questions as to who to report to, etc.
  3. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    don't sweat it dude. Whatever you do: Don't admit guilt, Take pictures of all the evidence, get witnesses to sign statement, and gather your evidence.

    People make livings scamming off other people.

    Its up to the shipper to provide delivery of the item, into your hands, signature and all.
  4. MikeB

    MikeB Banned

    More good advice is never buy or sell to/from anyone with sunglasses by their name. This means they change identities. People that scam probably change IDs often.
    I honestly don't see why people still use Ebay in the first place. I can buy the same stuff through internet retailers or from places like Ubid cheaper. Oh well, to each his own.

  5. lena

    lena Well-Known Member

    Report it immediately to ebay, I have done doesn't of transcation on ebay, have not had a any problems. How much feedback does this user have? Is it below 5? Also did the user put insurance on this item when sending it back? Also how was the item returned back through postal. I am sure he had to pay a fee to send it back through postal. I know the postal office keeps track of all big items sent like that. So I would see if you can find out, how much it(the item) weighed when it was taken back to be returned by the sender and shipped off to you. And compare it to how much it weighed when you sent it off the first time. My guess is either the ebay buyer is trying to scam you or it was stolen through postal. Don't send the money back, Alert ebay and do so additional research on your own!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep us updated
  6. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    yeah the weight trick is brilliant. The item should weigh no different that when it was sent.
  7. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    Just like my friend more than ten years. Some guys walked up to him to sell him a color tv for $99.00. He got home and opened the box and he found out it just only a big rock inside. It is similar situation.

  8. Tracy

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    Make sure you keep all emails and phone records if any. The weight it shipped as and the weight it went out as should be in your favor. Also if you purchased the computer new and hopefully registered it then you should call the manufacturer and double check that they have you in their system. Also if you can come up with the Serial number of the unit the police will want that as well. They won't do much but they can and will go to the guyâ??s house and question him. Just call the local police in the guyâ??s town.
  9. NanaC

    NanaC Well-Known Member

    Just go here..and fill out the form!

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