got hard inquiry when open checking

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nn2000, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. nn2000

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    when I open checking account in presidential bank
    I have comment with my application to ask them pull soft inquiry only if they need the credit report.
    But I find in equifax they still pull a hard inquiry, I have my copy of the application with the comment
    So,Can I dispute this case?

    by the way,I still confused,why bank ask credit report on a checking account?
  2. Mirage

    Mirage Well-Known Member

    When I apply to open a Bank One checking account the rep pulled a hard inquiry on me. I was not even aware she had did this.

    I don't think she had the entire report as she moved pretty fast on the application. My guess is the computer gave her some coded number that either gave me the yea or nay.

    At times I think these people don't know the difference between a hard or soft inquiry and how it can effect our FICO scores. To these reps it's just a procedure that they go through and if confronted with a question they just give out an answer that sounds good so they can move forward, in hopes that the consumer is naive enough to think that the rep has all the right answers.

    As for disputing the inquiry you can try but I don't think it will work.

    Best regards,
  3. jshimmer

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    Because someone with a shoddy credit history is probably more likely to write a bunch of bad checks than someone with a decent credit history.

    Does the checking account include a Debit Card (e.g., a Visa/MC debit card or combination ATM/Debit card) ?? If so, then most banks will pull a credit report. Many require you to apply for an overdraft loan (essentially, a loan to cover any withdrawls, charges or checks that put your account into the negative), but you know this ahead of time.

    You can dispute ANYTHING you want. The question is whether or not anything will come of it.

    The bank's policy probably includes a credit score of XXX in order to open the account and/or give a debit/ATM card. Whether or not you write "soft inquiry only" on your application means nothing. You could have written "I'd like 5 pounds of Swiss cheese delivered to my Grandmother in Utah" on there, and that still isn't going to happen if it's not the policy of the bank.
  4. sam

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    they probably put a hard on chexsystems too.


    I was declined when i was 21 (just married) first checking. for an AU "R9" as she said. It was my only tradeline, she did not understand AU, as most people dont these days.

    Anyways. It was a mistake and amex fedex'd me a ceritfied letter, i got my bank of america checking account.

    They said straight up, you cannot have a checking account with us with an "R9". DENIED.

    I would say this was about 1992'ish.
    This was my first experience with credit, lol, and boy was i a pissed off youngun. It was a joint account, btw, just married, so that was a double whammy.

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