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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sorin, Jun 15, 2001.

  1. Sorin

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    Hi everybody...

    Today I got my CR from Equifax. Good part is my score is now 708, first time over 700 :)

    There are, however several funky things there I don't know how to take:

    1. My auto loan appears as "SHARED, BUT OTHERWISE UNDESIGN" What the hell that means? The loan is in my name, with my wife as cosigner (wanted to have her on it, to build her credit)

    2. I had a Providian card that I lost, now the account appears twice, both active. I have disputed the old one with equifax a month ago, but they verified it. I don't know if I should press this issue, after all the balance on this account is about 20 bucks... good for my ratio. And there's no fraud danger, I did find the card the next day after I declared it lost...

    Any advice?
  2. bbauer

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    I don't know how much having your wife on the account would help her in the event of divorce or your untimely demise.
    I would tend to think that both of you would be better off to go your separate ways when it comes to credit. I would think that getting her a credit card or two in her own name would do much more for her even if you are the one paying the card off and she contributes nothing at all towards the payments. That's just my opinion, for whatever it's worth. Others may well disagree with me. I would not care to argue the point.

    If Providian actually allowed you to have two cards with two different account numbers, then I would be sure to use the both of them about equally. If that is the case, I would pay off whatever the balance may be on the first card and ask Providian to delete the account since it serves you not at all. I lost my first Providian card and paid the balance in full before asking them to close it.

    The report said "lost card, paid in full, account closed at customer's request" and the new card with it's positive ratings came next. There is nothing derogatory in that report that I can see or think of.

    Hope that helps you.

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