got my credit report-now what?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by GiL, Feb 28, 2001.

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    Hey guys...I need your advice again.

    I just got a copy of my credit report through Experian. I was surprised to see under "Potentially Negative Terms," a credit card that I was an authorized user of. That credit card has a past due balance because the person is declaring bankruptcy. I thought that wouldn't affect me since it was under his name. Why does it affect me??? It also says that this account will go to positive status on 8/2007!!! Does that mean that it will be with me till then??? Under "Positive Items," I have my J. Crew credit card. But, will I ever get a real credit card...I was also planning on buying a new car in the summer. Is that out of the question?

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    Re: got my credit report-now w

    I'm having the same problem. I was an authorized user for my bf's card, which we never received, and the acct was charged off in 4/99. I tried disputing, and in the end when I spoke with the creditor several times, they managed to type in their system that I had admitted to knowing /having this acct.! I think what I'm going to do next is to dispute my previous address (I was staying w/ my bf and his family) and see if that will help down the line. I heard that if you have your previous address removed (if your negative info contains the same address), it may be harder for the creditor to verify, therefore resulting in deletion of the negative acct. I hope this isn't too difficult to understand. I'm not really good at wording things sometimes. =0) Good luck.
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    Re: got my credit report-now w

    In both cases, I would write a letter to the original creditor, disputing the item, and demanding they provide a copy of an application with your signature showing you applied for the account. Make it very clear in the letter that you are demanding they provide this proof and if they are unable to you will sue them.

    I have never seen a cardholder agreement in which an "Authorized User" can be held responsible for the debt. If you did not sign the agreement. THis cannot be reported if it is not your account.
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    Re: got my credit report-now w

    Agreed. The ONLY way to dispute this is "not mine" - and dispute it with the creditor first,
    as well as the CRAs. They are right. If the creditor cannot produce a signed application
    or play you a recording of a telephone memo, they legally cannot put this on your report.

    That's why I personally avoig AU accounts, 'cause the creditors always screw the reporting up.

    Do not dispute status, or balance due or payment history. ONLY dispute this as NOT MINE.

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