Got my increase from Capital O

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by spyguyjim, May 25, 2000.

  1. spyguyjim

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    Just when I was blasting Capital One for not increasing my unsecured card due to a overlimit problem, they threw me a curve.

    In one fell swoop, after being denied just three weeks ago, they gave me a 250% credit increase on tonight's update. They either grew tired of my constant calls to customer service to check my balance, make payments, dispute things, double and triple check, etc. etc., or maybe my bottom-of-the-barrel score IS finally coming up. Perhaps they caught wind I just applied for credit with their competition. Anyway, it feels prety good to get such a generous increase.

    So to those who threw in the towel on Capital One, there appears to be hope after all.
  2. DeeJai

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    RE: Got my increase from Capit

    Congratulations! I've had an unsecured account with them for 3 years. 2 years ago they raised my limit from $300 to $500 & I have not been able to get an increase since. I've never been late with a payment, was $4 over the limit once & have paid off 5 major accounts since 1st receiving their card. They even reduced my interest rate (by request) about 6 months ago. They gave me a chance when no one else would, but I guess it's time to move on. Anyway, congratulations to you.
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    RE: Got my increase from Capit

    Yup- they gave me a 20% increase.
    Started (for some of you that may recall)
    with a $99 deposit 2 yrs ago - got a $1000
    limit Silver Mastercard.

    They increased to $1500 after I added $49 to my deposit account about 12 months later.

    I called and asked for an increase because the card renewed this month. They were great and said I would get the increase (or not) within 5 days.

    I asked the Rep to check my chances:
    never late
    never over limit
    no bad checks

    Your chances are great! Thanks.

    They only added $300 but now the line is $1800 - which is 20% more of the prior line.
    I believe they may do increases by % but do not know.

    Anyway, I just received the new card good through 2 more yrs - and it is again Silver. My interest rate is 19.8. Interesting I've never seen the Silver card as an option for those advertised other cards on their main web page.
    I like them very much.

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