Got my infiles(: BUT TAKE HEED-tax

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by moneyelf, Sep 5, 2003.

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    Post subject: Got my infiles :) BUT TAKE HEED -tax liens MAY be false
    Well, as I live and breathe! NEED ADVICE....I was so relieved to remember that I had met a mortgage broker a few months back-a trustworthy one-she pulled my credit infiles for me BUT we discovered a credit card that I definitely do not have AND a tax lien reported this past June from out of state from 1997 band 1998! I called the state and they said that I may not owe anything. Just that they do not have a record of me filing for two years. I admit I am not a great record keeper. I found my W-2's from 97 but not 98. I fear I may have been working that year as an independent contractor rather than an official employee (I've put a call in to my old employer re: this) Anyway, so BE WARNED that states may report you as owing when in fact they really just want your returns and you may not even have a debt. If I cannot find my records -which again I may be at fault myself here- how in the world do I go about getting copies of W-2's or whatever clients may have filed to show what I was paid. Yes, I am learning the hard way to keep better records....what can I do to get my hands on what the state already has themselves it seems (proof of my income, I mean 'cuz I don't have it in my files at home). Can they report money as being owed if they are not even sure I owe it? And what is the best way to ensure they take it off my credit record? The nasty clerk tried to tell me the CRA's will do it themselves and tried to argue with me about it. Had to squeeze out of her (being as polite as I could, still) what I hope are the right offices to deal with following straightening this whole thing out. Know I've been posting a lot and will try to spread this to another board or two. But if anyone here has advice it would be appreciated :)
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    Just FYI, you probably don't want to have your mortgage broker pull your credit report. When you pull the report yourself either through the credit bureau or through one of the 'monitor your own credit files' companies nothing will show up on your credit report (for others to see). When your mortgage broker pulled your report it placed an inquiry on your credit reports that will stay there for two years. If you try to apply for credit now the companies will see that inquiry and assume you were trying to apply for a mortgage. Additionally, the more inquiries on your report the lower your credit score is. One inquiry won't really hurt much (especially when it gets to be older after a few months) but if you continue to get your credit reports that way then you could really damage your ability to get credit.


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