Got my only 30-60 day late deleted.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by venomized, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. venomized

    venomized Well-Known Member

    Well, i just got my Assocaites Visa delinquency that i recieved back in 99 as a teenager deleted. I had a 30 day and 60 day late on that account which was accurate. I was scared to dispute with Equifax. I have Equifax Credit Watch this whole time, but figured it would come back verified and also that it would lower my score, if i would have disputed it and it coming back as verified. Well since my credit watch service was ending at the end of this month, I figured what the hell let me try to dispute it. So i verifed to see that if i dispute it, will my score lower if it comes back verified. The representative so no, it will stay the same. So i went ahead and disputed it, and they came back with "deleting the whole Credit file from Associates Visa". Which i dont mind because it had those 30 and 60 day lates.

    But my question to you is. Before the erase of Associates Visa, my Fico score was 760 and still is. Along with a balance of 1k on my universal, but that has now been updated to 0. Wouldn't you think with the deletion of the associates visa lates, and along with the balance update from Universal, raise my score higher from 760? Because it was that score, before the update and before the balance update also.

    Just trying to see why it didnt update my score or increase it. Thanks

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    With RNG it may GO may GO DOWN

    You lose the amount owed and the lates...BUT you also lose the HISTORY
  3. hydranine

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    Congrats on the delete! Hopefully the scores will go up a few points.
  4. venomized

    venomized Well-Known Member

    "MARCI" (30-60 day late deleted).

    Well, i guess it wasnt equifax after all. Although i did put a dispute through them also, but i also sent a goodwill letter (slightly re-written) from MARCI : . I recieved from "Card Member Services" stating that they recieved my letter and reported to all 3 CRA to delete that file. But the reason i thought it was Equifax, because its been a month since i sent that letter out!!! This goodwill letter worked out good, because it was citicards that i had to send it to, because Associates was bought by Citibank.

    So a big THANK YOU to MARCI!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hope you read this)
  5. marci

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    "MARCI" (30-60 day late deleted).

    You're welcome! I'm glad it worked.

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