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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Nov 17, 2000.

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    Well Discover sure has baffled me with this one:

    I go to the mailbox and their lies another offer from Discover (for the gold card this time)! I was like, Yippee....NOT! Looked a little closer and it was addressed to my MOTHER who has been DEAD for THREE YEARS NOW! She has NEVER resided at this address EVER! We have the same last name but not the same first initial. So now I'm dumbfounded! Where is Discover getting their info? That's besided the mother has not had good credit since 1977! NO JOKE! She has never had a credit card since then! The only thing CLOSE to a credit card that she had was a Wells Fargo check card back in like 97 for like TWO seconds!

    So this totally shoots down my theory of my credit taking a turn for the better by receiving the Discover Platinum offer in the mail! :-( I guess they really do waste paper after all!

    So, recap:

    1. Capital One sends a *PRE APPROVED* offer to my house in a Fed/Ex looking package. That offer was for my dad who has never resided at my address and to top it off has not resided in CA since 1991!

    2. Discover sends a *PRE SELECTED* offer for a gold card to my house. That offer was for my DEAD MOTHER who has never resided at my current address EVER! She also hasn't had good credit since 1977!

    WHAT'S GOING ON HERE????????
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    RE: Got My Second Prime Offer

    I understand where you are coming from.Recently,these same *IGNORANT* people sent the same offer to my mother(whom,by the way,has been DECEASED since 12/4/71).I corrected the address & gave them the address to the cemetary where she has resided since(gave row & lot #....Hee Hee).


    P.S.--Think they will get it ?

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