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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sam, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. sam

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    Interesting conversation. She said their computers really dont offer them any options until say 3 months from the last option goody you've gotten okay.

    So i told her i'll just pay off my cards and let them idle until that time comes.

    She said, "Thats fine, you know our policy is that it doesn't matter if you carry a balance or pay off in full, its all about the number of statement cycles. If you pay it off this month and let is sit for 2 more months, you're in the same boat as someone who pays a portion of their balance every month."

    hmm. Interesting. could just be bs. The retention lady was very nice. I guess i was pushing my luck since i just got some goodies from cap 1 retention last month.

    I'll call them back again next month, to hear the same story i suppose.
  2. Cadillac408

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    Be careful about not having any account activity for 3 billing cycles. My friend's boyfriend did that (because he was using other cards) and Capital One closed his account!
  3. sam

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    Re: Sam

    Hay sleepy? I pay off my balances every month. I think i know that cash rules, what are you telling me? Obviously nothing that i don't know already. However using your credit cards to pay all of your expenses, then writing a single check or ACH transfer, rules even more. There is no messy checkbook to keep tabs of, I don't have to count the change in my pockets when i want to buy something, and I can see my expenses online.

    Think a little harder, about your comments, they don't impress anybody here. Also , why dont you spend some of that cash and get a broadband isp? Too poor? oh well..
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    Re: Sam

    Why is everyone being so darn rude? Comments like "Too poor?" really are impressive.
  5. sam

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    Re: Sam

    Sorry, that response was in reference to the comments which sleepy left, if you missed them, then the context of my message is certainly out of place. Apparently , the moderator here deleted the comments from the 'bobby' like character.

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    Re: Sam



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