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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Amnon, Jul 26, 2000.

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    Do you know of any credit cards that offer grace period on balance transfers? Please send info so I can apply.
    Thank you.
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    RE: Grace Period on Balance Tr

    Try Wells Fargo. They have an online application with instant (?) decision.
    I just did a balance transfer, and the letter says (in part):

    "The balance transfer amount will post to your Wells Fargo credit card account when the check is presented to us for payment. The finance charge rates applicable to these checks are the rates that apply to purchases as set forth in your Customer Agreement, including any supplemental information you received with your Customer Agreement. There is a 20-25 day grace period associated with these checks, and no finance charges accrue if the balance on your account is paid in full each month. If not, finance charges will accrue as they would for any other purchases, as explained in your Customer Agreement."

    My purchase rate is 5.9 right now. One thing, though - they don't mail the check to the cc company. It's written out to both you and the company, mailed to you, and you
    have to forward it yourself. So if you're close to your statement date, that could be an issue.

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