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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nj_newbie, May 4, 2001.

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    First, this board is pretty cool. I have been lurking for about three months and have learned some pretty valuable information.

    Background: Ch7 BK - March 99 discharged (medical bills totalled close to $30,000)

    First new credit card: Capital One, boy did I get screwed, didn't read the fine print. Lesson learned here. Charged $40, first statement there were overlimit fees due to all of there misc. fees for opening account. Disputed with them for over three months. Current Status: Charged off! (totally ashamed about this), but I was fighting on principle, or so I thought.

    Second: Providian, open/never late. 8/99
    FCNB: open/never late 11/99
    GE Capital (car loan): open/never late 10/99
    Newport News: open/never late 10/00
    Lane Bryant: 1 30 day late (oldest tradeline 1990)
    Sterns: closed/late 30 days 5/95

    The rest of my accounts and judgments, except one, are listed as included in bankruptcy. That one (old bank bill) judgment I sucessfully disputed with TransUnion for a removal. Trying to get the same results with the other two.

    I have started disputing and have had some success. Fico score in March 2001 was 552. I suspect this to improve with the deletion of 3 judgments over the next few months (was able to negotiate for a motion to vacate) in addition to a few accounts falling off due to the 7 year clock and my accounts ageing.

    Question: I need creative ideas on how to dispute items that have the "included in bankruptcy notation".

    thanks for listening...I hope to participate in the boards more frequently.


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