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    GUAM,is a U.S territory and is not recognized by most credit card companies, they do not know where it is. Aria cancelled my card cause I MOVED here. My spouse is in the military. Why is guam not recognized? Any thing I can do to keep cards from being cancelled?
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    Guam isn't exactly the same as a state. For example, the people there apparantly cannot vote in US presidential elections.

    Some possibilities:

    There may be bank licensing issues.

    Other factors (e.g. high aquisition expenses, low average incomes, etc.) that result in zero accounts being established there, and very few customers move there, thus most credit card issuers don't bother to even think about Guam at all.

    It's very far away, so if a cardholder defaulted, it would be rather expensive to call him/her on the phone constantly.

    In the event of a large default, there could be significant extra difficulty in filing or enforcing a lawsuit against the debtor.

    Some suggestions:

    Perhaps try American Express or CitiBank, since they have more international focus than most issuers.

    Get a US mailing address (*not* the APO/FPO military thing), and use that for any credit-related activities. There may be some difficulty with the postal regulations on using private mailbox services (i.e. they want you to apply in person), but perhaps you could have a friend or relative in the US accept and forward your mail for you.

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