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    I have been watching the Offshore scene for three years now, and never before had I seen a legitimate company offer as much as RFI Inc. does, for under $100 with a 6 month Money-Back Guarantee...

    These are the reasons why I subscribe to RFI Inc:

    PROVEN TRACK RECORD - Riviera Finance & Investment (RFI) is an established company located in the Bahamas, which has been successfully networked for 2 years in Australia, as well as other parts of the world. They have a clean record of delivering product and paying on time.

    MINIMAL RISK - Money Back Guarantee - If you do not receive your International Debit Card within six months of becoming an RFI Subscriber, you may ask for your money back and the company will refund your initial cash payment of US$ 60 without delay. ($5.00 will be withheld for administrative costs)

    LOW COST - Where else can you open an Offshore Bank Account for $65 with NO DEPOSIT required?

    VALUE - Education & Information on Offshore Business & Finance is the route many are following as a legitimate means of tax relief and asset protection. RFI not only makes this affordable but in addition, offers viable Wealth Building Strategies.

    NO SPONSORING REQUIRED - ALL subscribers qualify for a International Debit & Credit Card (regardless of credit history), Offshore Account, Profit Sharing Income & Wealth Generation Program.

    There you have it. A stable company that has already been successfully delivering products/services which fill a legitimate need for Financial Security, that are not only accessible to the average person but in addition, come with a money back guarantee. What more could you ask for? For complete details, click on the following link:


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