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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Jan 12, 2001.

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    I made a payment, check by phone on Dec. 24th, to zero out the account. They didn't post it to my account until Jan.3. I called the automated system tonight to make sure that my balance was 0 and it shows a balance owing of $305. I asked the rep why and she tells me my check was returned NSF. I called my banks automated system and the damn check hasn't even been processed yet. My balance is the same - more than enough to cover this. I called back to Aspire and they give me the attitude "well it was returned and a $35 fee has been added." I tried to tell them that the check hasn't even hit my bank yet and they wouldn't hear of it. Any ideas on how to handle these idiots?
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    RE: Guess what Aspire did this

    First, I would start with a call back to the supervisor of the reps. Explain what has occurred and see what they offer as a solution. If they are still incooperative, you can get a verified statement from your bank showing the check has never been presented for payment. I would hope at that point, they would reverse the charges and straighten it out.
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    RE: Guess what Aspire did this

    Wait a couple of days before both of the banks update their info. (Sometimes I see the payment on the credit card site up to a day before I see the transaction on my checking account. Of course they happen at he same time, the banks just post them on their web sites and in their systems at different times). Then call your bank and ask if the check was indeed returned. If yes, why? (Since there were enough funds to cover for it). If no, wait for the statement from them showing that the check cleared on this date (hopefully before the Aspire due date), and then formally (in writing, with the copy of your checking statement, certified mail) dispute the late fee with Aspire.

    Also, you might want to know that Aspire has a "hidden" additional grace period. It means that they do not post late fees even if your payment is received several days after the statement due date. Yeah, I was also nicely surprised when I heard that, since not even all prime issuers have this feature. But then again, I have never been late with them before, and I spoke nicely to them.

    What's important is that they are not obligated to honor this additional grace period. It's not in their disclosures, it's not advertised anywhere, so unlike the normal 25 days grace, you cannot require them to give them to you. I suspect they might not do that if you were late before, or if you start yelling at the rep. (LKH, I understand your frustration, but in my experience, emotions only do you harm whenever you negotiate with a creditor).

    Good luck!
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    RE: Guess what Aspire did this

    Exactly! I would also go into the branch and have them give you something in writing stating that the check has NEVER been presented for payment. Usually banks have no problem doing this if you are nice, explain your situation and sweet talk them.

    I can't believe Aspire is doing this to you. Adding a $35 fee for a NSF check that hasn't even been presented to your bank yet? INSANE!!!!!
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    RE: Guess what Aspire did this

    I was very polite to the ignorant rep. I checked again this morning, and no, the check has not posted at my bank in the past 60 days. Something interesting did happen when I called back to UNINSPIRE, I had them read the routing # from my check to me and she had 2 3's transposed. When I told her htat was wrong she re-read it correctly. She did tell me they would deduct the nsf fees if it was indeed their fault. I have made check by phone payments every month and have never had a problem.
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    RE: are they drafting?

    What are they doing? Keeping the check on file and ACH drafting?

    Thats really odd I've heard of CC companies doing that, but most people send the physical check to the fed clearing house where it is OCR scanned (0% error if not damaged).
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    RE: Guess what Aspire did this

    what is aspires online application web site
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    RE: Guess what Aspire did this

    Are you sure you want to apply afer all you've read so far? I read that Aspire had good cusomer service, but my only telephone contact with them so far was unimpressive, to say the least. They do seem to have ignorant people representing them.

    Anyway, the address is
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    RE: are they drafting?

    What happens is I call in and tell them I want to make a payment - check by phone. I then read to them the routing number, account number and check number. They then pring out a draft containing this info along with the amount that I tell them to make it out for. Never had a problem before. I think it's obvious that they transposed some numbers. I called my bank again this morning and that check still hasn't been processed in the last 60 days, nor has any other check for that amount. But Aspire still says it was returned.
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    No Account?

    What probably happened was that they sent the check through with the wrong routing number. The check was probably returned because no such account exists. I'm sure if the run it through witht he right routing number, everything will be fine and they will refund the NSF fee.
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    RE: No Account?

    They re-read the routing # to me today and it was correct. When I asked for the account # they said they didn't have it available "for my protection"

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