GulF States bad tooo

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BluVegas, Apr 6, 2001.

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    I'll give CapOne til the end of the month for my PAIDNFULL/Judgement letter. Then I'm going after some folkes.

    I another account being handled by Gulf States, LLC and that thing was PAINn Full last April. It still shows a $2,270 balance. The bastards keep sending me this fukking form letter stating that my payment was recieved, but no where does it say it is PaidNFull. Somehow they said they never got credit for the last payment. Well guess what? The fkking checking was cashed by them. If that settled by a year, they are getting a lawsuit for $1000 just because they wear lazy Fks and didn't do their paperwork after they got my PAYMENT N Full.

    What the hell is this??? I pay the account and the just sit on the file and not update it. All along I get denied credit for past due and large oustanding balances.
    Thanks Lizardking...I also post on Motley Fool as "pcasso". You gave me some advice on there too. Good looking out.

    BTW....this is me at work...IP

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    I agree with you - Gulf States is BS. Along with Cavalry LLC, Coldata, and NCO. All those appear on my CR as duplicates and collection agencies reaging my accounts..
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    We have someone here who specializes in Gulf States' crap and sued them gazillion times. You can e-mail him:


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